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Informative Speech


I. Attention Getter If any of you are anything like me, you tell yourself all the time that you are going to start exercising more and get back into shape. But then comes the excuse that you just haven’t had the time. Well I am going to tell you how you can do this simply by walking.

II. Listener relevance link You probably are an extremely busy person and by the time you get done taking care of the kids, the husband, the house, and the dog, you have forgotten yourself. According to Dr Michael Pratt of the Centers for Disease control and prevention in Atlanta, Americans in general don’t get enough exercise; 60% of Americans are not regularly active and 5% of Americans spend the majority of their time sitting.

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III. Speaker credibility statement Last summer I began walking in my neighborhood and last semester I took the class and started walking on the track in the gym here on campus.

IV. Thesis Statement A walking workout provides many health benefits for people of all ages.

V. Preview I will briefly explain about the benefits of walking, the FIT Formula, the components of a walking workout, and some benefits of walking for seniors citizens.


I. First main point There are several benefits that come along with walking on a regular basis.

A. If you walk at a brisk enough pace and maintain a high enough heart rate you will gain cardiovascular fitness.

B. Walking tones the leg muscles and strengthens tendons, ligaments, and cartilage of the joints. It strengthens the heart and bones, and may slow down osteoporosis.

C. Walking can improve ones self image and decrease depression and anxiety and it also helps control appetite and burn fat.

D. Regular exercise for people over the age of 55 can give a more positive mental outlook and increase the chance of remaining indefinitely independent.

Transition Statement

Before you start walking toward any of these benefits there are a few things you should remember.

II. Second main point According to the walk for wellness website you should first determine how often, how fast, and how long you should walk by simply using the fit formula.

A. F is for Frequency. You should walk -6 times per week and let your body recover for at least 1 day.

B. I is for Intensity. The general rule is to walk at a pace fast enough where your heart rate is within a range of 0-60% of your maximum heart rate.

C. T is for Time. To maintain fitness, 0-0 minutes a day is sufficient.

Transition Statement

Along with the FIT Formula you need to remember the components of a walking workout.

III. Third main point Components of a walking workout.

A. Start with a warm up, walk slowly for -5 minutes and then do some stretching exercises on both your legs and arms.

B. The training period is the second component; this is basically your walking workout, 0-0 minutes at a brisk enough pace to maintain a high enough heart rate.

C. Finally a cool down for about 10 minutes, it’s just like the warm up; walk slowly and do stretching exercises to prevent the muscles from tightening and becoming stiff.


I. Thesis Statement A walking workout provides many health benefits for people of all ages.

II. Main point summary Walking is a simple and easy way to maintain physical fitness.

III. Closing Statement Therefore, if you are one those people that tell themselves they are going to exercise more and get into better shape, but you just don’t have the time. Walking is the way to go. Its cheap it’s simple and almost everybody can do it.

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