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In existence young men have made many bad relationship choices. In my life I had made many, many bad relationship choices. It is difficult in figuring out the opposite sex. The fact is that with age, relationships become much easier to endure. Considering that I am eighteen years old, I could only wish to be fourteen with what I know now. I could of avoided headaches, frustration, and pain. Relationships help in boosting up confidence, somewhat of a natural high only because you know there is someone waiting for you, thinking of you, and wondering what you are doing. Relationships are agonizing at times too, but mainly because you have chosen the wrong person.

At the age of fourteen (young dumb and full of cum) I had started a relationship with a friend. I had no control of the relationship. The relationship lasted only two weeks. Being raised by parents who had been friends before they married, I thought that things would only work for the best. Nine days later of hell, subtracting the five good first days of our relationship, my friend and I had broken up. At this point I knew I was going to get into many more bad relationships in the future.

My second relationship when I was about sixteen lasted me a month. It took me two years to actually admit to myself that I am in a relationship. Since then I had only been having fun with the opposite sex. I considered myself a very good and honest guy at my time, but just two weeks later after the break up, my best friend had hooked up with my ex. It bothered me a lot, but their relationship only lasted for twenty hours because it was mainly a secret lust they had for one another. Two years had past and my best friend and I still laugh about her. This point on, I had understood a lot more about the opposite sex, nothing could surprise me

Being eighteen years of age right now, I believe I have matured immensely in the arts of understanding the opposite sex. Ironically the less trust I have for a female the longer my relationships would last. I am now in a six-month relationship, but before this relationship, I had just broken things off from a nine-month ordeal. My recent ex-girlfriend had broken up with me just because I told her jokingly it is okay for her to see other guys. She was infuriated so quickly, it had aroused my suspicions, that maybe she felt guilty about what I said. My suspicions were right; she had told me that she had cheated on me more than once with two different guys. Surprisingly it didn’t come as a shock to me. I had told her I was okay with what she did behind my back, but we could no longer be together. I asked one of her friends out the next day, and things only got better. I am now currently in a relationship with that friend.

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All in all, I have lost complete trust in the opposite sex due to my experiences, but I still do respect the ex women, and women in my life. What I had also learned is that women are experts of deceit, they lie out of their own selfishness and belief that they wouldn’t want to hurt you, a lot of times some women lie for absolutely no reason at all. I’m not going to be a sexist and say that men are any better than women, but what arguments would I care to show to support that?

Ali Abdulwahab

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