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I.There are three reasons why manners is the most important aspect in order to shape a


A.To boost an image with optimism by possessing special qualities that inspire

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respect,admiration,confidence to impress those around us.

1.To have those qualities is like holding a Master Credit Card to win hearts

and lead road ahead to achieve peace,prosperity and above all a positive


.”We are not Hermits,we still live in a world that does interact”,says Bobbi

Marten,an etiquette consultant.

.That has proved,in order to be a well behaved person and achieve any real

success,we need a certain level of decorum.

B.To get along with people through patience,tolerence, appreciation, tact,

efficiency, literacy,awareness and others.

1.Those qualities are the major factors that play a key role for a future vision

for success.(logos)

.”People want to do something about the incivility or rudeness in the world

around us”,says Peter Post,co-author of The Etiquette Advantage in


.Getting along with people in a proper manner is very important in today`s


C.Good manners have the most impact when we are meeting someone for the first


1.A blunder early in the game can blind new contacts to your brilliant insight

or expertise.(ethos)

.”It takes only three to five seconds to make a first impression,but it can take

a whole career to undo it”,says Dana May Casperson,author of Power


.So it is important especially during those fateful moments to make a positive

impression at an interview,conference,party or any other time we meet new


II.Manner are not the only factor to shape a person.

A.In order to be a successful person one should also possess a brilliant academic

qualification as well.

1.In order to control a team or a group of people and lead them towards

excellence,we should have qualities such as confidence,admiration,and


.Without a strong base on knowledge and high qualifications,manners can`t

guarantee to shape a successful person.

B.To get along with people ,we should also have a good communication skills.

1.To get along with people we should be patience,tolerence,appreciate other

people and so on.

.We should have a good communication skills as well as have a good

command of several languages to get along with people easily.

III.However there are few exeptions for the above refutations.

A.To enhance an image with optimism one should possess special qualities such as

respect,admiration,confidence to impress those around us.There are few

personalities for example Datuk Yusof Haslam,a Film Director who is successful

in his field without any higher education but high in discipline and manner.

B.If we had a good communication skills ,but without manners we will upset people

and change things they don`t want to be changed.

ConclusionAs a conclusion,our attitude,etiquette and manners project our innerself and

tells people what type of person we are.Cool disposition with

matuarity,manners and sensitivity adds to charm and beauty in making an

impressive person.

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