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Its a boy Mrs Hetherington 7pound 6 ohhhhhhhhhhh just one question would I be able to get a refund if what I see isn’t what I like Mrs Hetherington this is a hospital not The Wharehouse we do not give refunds or exchanges your handsome adorable son is here for life.

11 years ago my mom gave birth to the person who put burger king back in business the capital D in Duncan doughnuts and made the sizzling sensation of wendies big classic bacon burgers the best thing since Georgey pie.

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So by now you are probably wondering what my speech is about,burger king wendeys or Duncan doughnuts well you are all wrong except for the few smart people who picked up on the start

my speech is about ME I am trendy up to date with the latest crazes and if you don’t believe me just ask my bank manager he knows how much I spend.

At my previous school before I moved to Howick I was detentions most common student they even use to say see ya later Blake Then came point view (ba ba ba bomb ba ba ba bomb) at this school I saw the light and this light was no ordinary

light it came from Niue when ever I stood out of line (BANG) it felt like a hypodermic needle sticking into me and for those of you that went to point view school I think you know who I am talking about this light straightened me out and changed my attitude towards

school and life not that I was going to kill my self or anything yeah . I now sit at the front of the class through choice not through BLAKE GET UP HERE. Since my early days at primary I have now moved on to Somerville intermediate school and all I see

ahead of me is a positive future but who wouldn’t with the teachers we have.

I am the king of loosing my socks and I have mastered the art of blowing holes through my Boxer shorts not to mention the special talents that I

posses but I am not allowed to tell you about. you should see the way my , I mean employees run around after me its sort of a joke but there is always someone who doesn’t pull their weight in this case it’s a girl my sister something every boy dreads of .

I guess my bragging gone on for long enough wooooooh would look at the time its 100 breakfast is over they are now serving big classic bacon burgers at wendeys oh just one last message to all the ladies out there I am single I mean who wouldn’t want these.

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