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Communications/Speech 60 p.m.

August 4, 00

Travel lightly and get through Airline Security with ease

I have traveled throughout the United States, from the east coast to the west coast and have been detained because I would have to stand in line to check my baggage or wait at the baggage claim area for my bags. After visiting a friend in California, she taught me how to pack for long and short trips.

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I have gone from this (show audience luggage) to this (carry-on bag and backpack). Today, I am going to instruct you on how to travel lightly and ease through security check points.

First, purchase a good carry-on bag that has a back frame with a pull up handle. A small backpack can be purchased at Sears. Most travelers over pack their bags with clothing and other articles that will not be used on the trip. So, number two is not to over pack.

Pack only what you are definitely going to wear, that just in case out, I can guarantee you will not wear. Keep your clothing to a basic color so you can mix and match. I tend to stay with black and white. Take only two pair of shoes, the ones you will wear to the airport and a pair for dress or sport attire. Do not take full size personal care items. Go to K-mart or Wal-mart and pick up travel containers or purchase trial size items. Hotels provide shampoo, conditioners, and soap and hair dryers.

Packing a bag, just don’t through your clothes in the bag, place them neatly. I suggest rolling the clothes, this helps to keep them from wrinkling. Also, it’s easier for security to look through your bags. Always pack your shoes at the top; this is for security reason’s. Airline security are now x-raying shoes. Place all personal care items and jewelry in a plastic zip bag. Same for your undergarments. You do not want security flinging your underwear all over the counter. Pack your purse in the bag. Remember you can only carry two bags past security and this includes your purse. I had the unfortunate experience of having to return to check in because my purse would not fit in the carry-on. Your small backpack is for books, snacks, Bottled water, a camera and wallet.

What you don’t want to carry on the plane or even attempt to carry on are;

Fire arms or ammunition

Hatchets or cattle prods

Martial Arts/Self Defense items

Explosive materials

These are just a few listed items; you can to www.packinglight.com for the entire list of carry-on and non-carry on items.

Getting through security can be a nightmare if you are not prepared. Let us go through a few do’s and don’ts. Remember, your purse are counted as a carry-on item. Do not wear metal items, such as jewelry or belts with a metal buckle. Remove all coins from your pockets. You may have to remove your shoes; I suggest you wear a pair of socks that you were going to throw away. You will be walking through the secured area without your shoes, and who knows what you will pick up on your feet. Your jacket or coat must also be screened, place it in the screening bin. Laptops and cells will also be placed in the bin. Finally, do not talk to the screeners or other staff in the screening area unless they have specifically spoken to you. Remember they have a job to do and need not be distracted. In addition, the person behind who is a rush will appreciate it.

Remember to pack lightly, do not carry non-carry on items, and be prepared for security checks and ENJOY YOUR TRIP!

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