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The United States of the 160’s and the United States differ from each other in great amounts. A lot of what they differ in, changes as time progresses. Of these categories are politics, entertainment, Music, Styles, Culture, memorable events, and the progression of the cold war.

The presidents, of the 160’s were John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson after Kennedy’s assassination. But while Kennedy was in office he had many accomplishments. One of them was the disarmament Cuba of Soviet missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During this moment, there were many people in the world that thought that this time was going to be the end of the world, through nuclear disaster. During Johnson’s presidency he helped aid education, attack on diseases, Medicare, urban renewal, etc. He was the main cause of many civil liberties that we are able to enjoy now.

Entertainment in the 60’s was prosperous. Television sets were selling left and right. Easy Rider was a popular movie starring Dennis Hopper, and Peter Fonda, who take a cross country motorcycle trip, and expose problems in American society along the way. These problems include bigotry, which many African Americans faced each day.

The music of the 160’s was wide a wide variety. It is when music really took off, and became a worldwide market, artists traveled from many places on tours to other countries. One of the most popular of these was when a little band from England, fronted by John Lennon decided to make the continental trip, and not a moment too soon. The Beatles were welcomed by the states with open arms in 16. After this foreign artists began to take long US tours.

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In the 160’s not living by anyone’s principles was in style, every young person had their own idea of how they wanted to live their lives. This form of living usually consisted of living in communities away from civilization, where everyone pitched in to help make the community have food and shelter. Others bought Volkswagen Bugs and wore tie dye shirts.

This was the radical era. It is when people really started to step forward and speak out against the government for the good of the country. It started to show when there was a huge uprising of protestors urging the government to stop the

war in Vietnam. Some were veterans, and some were just people that knew it wasn’t right. They knew it wasn’t right because the US has never been for taking over countries. So there was no exception for the soon communist country Vietnam.

The Cold War was a subject with a lot of tension. The six day missile crisis took a large toll on the patience of the US.

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