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Adolph Hitler was the man responsible for the death of six million people. He is inexcusable; no one can allow such a criminal to walk the Earth. We have enough evidence to condemn him to infinite life sentences. He is not mentally impaired but consciously immorality. He knew what he was doing; and yet, he continued. He committed crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and he is not affected by mental illness.

He is responsible for crimes against humanity. The foremost being genocide, the killing of whole groups of people. Hitler targeted several groups of people, mostly Jews. He slaughtered them in horrifying ways; he did not just kill the innocent people, he tortured them to the fullest extent. He must be punished to the fullest degree possible and with the same amount of mercy he gave all the innocent people he killed, none.

Hitler is accountable for crimes against peace. He, as the dictator of Germany, used his power to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and then other countries. He invaded France and tried to conquer Russia. These are examples of Hitler’s aggression against other countries. Hitler’s crimes against peace have threatened the stability and well being of the world. He must be punished for his actions.

This immoral person, Adolph Hitler, is not psychologically or mentally ill. He is fully conscious of his decisions and understands the consequences. He choose, fully knowing that people would die, to attack other nations in acts of aggression. He knew the wickedness of his concentration camps. He deliberately and by design brainwashed the people of Germany. He cannot be excused by claims of insanity. He must be punished.

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