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Mr. Reed, the current warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated, is faced with issues regarding the hiring and keeping of replacement workers during the summer months. I would like to propose to Mr. Reed some ideas regarding the two main issues he is facing with respect to the upcoming summer months. In reviewing the situation, I find that Mr. Reed is faced with employees who, in the summer months, like to call in sick on a more frequent basis. The second issue involves the replacement workers, and determining different ways of keeping them on for the entire summer, if not longer. After these two issues are discussed, I will propose some possible solutions that may alleviate Mr. Reed’s frustration.

The first issue is the more frequent sick calls Mr. Reed receives from his current, permanent employees. Mr. Reed needs to come up with some ideas on how to motivate his employees to come in during those warm, sunny days and/or evenings. This will relieve some of the anxiety Mr. Reed deals with, improve attendance and increase the productivity of his workers. This in turn will make the owners of the company very happy, since they may see a decrease unscheduled absenteeism.

One of the first things I would propose is a change in the way time-off is given. Currently many corporations are doing away with vacation and sick time. They are now changing employee vacation benefits by combining vacation, sick and personal time, now collectively referred to as paid time off (PTO). According to an article in Managing Benefits Plan, companies need to change their requirements for time-off to avoid “unscheduled absenteeism.” By creating PTO policies, employees gain flexibility in how they take their time off. They can schedule their days by taking a full or half day, or by taking off just a few hours during the day for a doctor’s or other personal appointment. Another benefit of the plan would be that employees could be compensated for unused time at the end of the year by letting them

· bank some of their unused time, in other words, carry it over to a new year; or

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· receive monetary compensation for unused time.

With just a few months before the start of the summer months, it would be wise for Mr. Reed to discuss a change in policies with his Human Resources department.

The second issue that needs to be addressed is Mr. Reed’s hiring of temporary employees and how to keep them happy. It has been difficult in the past to keep replacement workers from quitting because of the uncertainty or guarantee of a set amount of hours. One of the first things Mr. Reed should do is to require his staff to schedule their vacations ahead of time and let him know what dates he will need replacement workers. Knowing this in advance, Mr. Reed has an advantage in that he can let the temporary employees know what their schedule will be and how many hours are available for them. Of course he should also stress to the replacement workers that there might be a need for them to be on call and receive extra hours should a permanent employee call in sick.

Another suggestion for Mr. Reed, with regards to hiring replacement workers, would be to make the replacement workers feel like part of the team. Upon being hired, they should be given the same respect that permanent workers are given. Some examples may include holding an orientation class, assigning a mentor to work with the temporary employee, and involving them in department meetings whenever feasible. Also, let them know during their interview that should a permanent position open up, they will be considered if they work well and are dependable.

Incentive programs are also an important part of keeping temporary personnel on the job and content. According to Vines, if an incentive program were to be used, it would have to consider the amount of time the employee is working. So an incentive program for a temporary employee would have to begin a day or two after they started. These suggestions are discussed and can be found in an article written by Linda Stockman Vines, entitled Make Long-Term Temporary Workers Part of the Team.

In conclusion, by implementing some of the suggestions stated above Mr. Reed and the Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated are sure to have a much smoother summer season. It is very important for the permanent employees to have the freedom they would like by implementing the PTO policies, as well as making sure that replacement workers feel like they are part of the team.


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