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import java.awt.;

import java.awt.event.;

import java.applet.;

public class Hangman extends Applet

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// if the word list has over 100 words change new char and new string to 00

int wordLen;

char secretword[] = new char [100];

int errorcount=0;

String word;

String msg1=;

String wordList[] = new String [100];

public void init()


Font f1 = new Font(Stencil,Font.PLAIN,0);




addKeyListener(new MyKeyAdapter());

word = getWord();

wordLen = word.length();

for (int i=0;iwordLen;i++)



class MyKeyAdapter extends KeyAdapter{

public void keyTyped(KeyEvent ke){

char ch = ke.getKeyChar();

//showStatus(key Typed = +ch);

boolean lettercorrect=false;

for(int s=0;swordLen;s=s+1){

char letter=word.charAt(s);








if (errorcount==11)





public void paint(Graphics g){

//this draws the picture


case 10




case 8


case 7


case 6


case 5


case 4






case 1



String msg=;

for (int i=0;iwordLen;i++){

msg+= secretword[i];

msg+= ;






public String getWord(){

//This is Hangmans Unlimited Word List, to put in new words type the line and change the random # to the highest # in the list

wordList[0] = abstraction;

wordList[1] = ambigous;

wordList[] = arithmatic;

wordList[] = backlash;

wordList[4] = bitmap;

wordList[5] = circumstance;

wordList[6] = combination;

wordList[7] = consequently;

wordList[8] = consortium;

wordList[] = decrementing;

wordList[10] = dependency;

wordList[11] = disambiguate;

wordList[1] = dynamic;

wordList[1] = encapsulation;

wordList[14] = equivalent;

wordList[15] = expression;

wordList[16] = facilitate;

wordList[17] = fragment;

wordList[18] = hexadecimal;

wordList[1] = implementation;

wordList[0] = indistinguishable;

wordList[1] = inheritance;

wordList[] = internet;

wordList[] = java;

wordList[4] = localization;

wordList[5] = microprocessor;

wordList[6] = navigation;

wordList[7] = optimization;

wordList[8] = parameter;

wordList[] = patrick;

wordList[0] = pickle;

wordList[1] = polymorphic;

wordList[] = rigorously;

wordList[] = simultaneously;

wordList[4] = specification;

wordList[5] = structure;

wordList[6] = lexical;

wordList[7] = likewise;

wordList[8] = management;

wordList[] = mathematics;

wordList[40] = manipulate;

wordList[41] = vertex;

wordList[4] = unsigned;

wordList[4] = traditional;

wordList[44] = notepad;

wordList[45] = antidisestablishmentarianism;

wordList[46] = dog;

wordList[47] = fly;

wordList[48] = start;

wordList[4] = screen;

wordList[50] = book;

wordList[51] = elephant;

wordList[5] = exit;

wordList[5] = close;

wordList[54] = urban;

wordList[55] = terror;

wordList[56] = word;

wordList[57] = plane;

wordList[58] = excel;

wordList[5] = access;

wordList[60] = office;

wordList[61] = one;

wordList[6] = two;

wordList[6] = three;

wordList[64] = four;

wordList[65] = five;

wordList[66] = six;

wordList[67] = seven;

wordList[68] = eight;

wordList[6] = nine;

wordList[70] = ten;

int num = (int) Math.round(Math.random() 70);

return wordList[num];



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