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Dr. Heidegger is the main character of this story. He causes the characters of this story to have hope that they can relive their lives over again, that they can be young again. But, before this experiment begins, Dr. Heidegger already knows that this will only be a brief glimpse of their former self.

Dr. Heidegger is a strange character. His study is the source of many stories. He has a skeleton in the closet. The study is full of cobwebs and dust. When the four characters hear of his experiment, they think it will be nonsense such as “the murder of a mouse in an air pump, or the examination of a cobweb by the microscope.” Dr. Heidegger never gets over the death of his beloved Sylvia Ward fifty five years ago. Evidently, she died after taking a pill that Dr. Heidegger had prescribed to her. Dr. Heidegger is also rumored to have a book of witchcraft. This is the book that he pulls out on the day of the experiment. From this book, he pulls a rose that he had gotten from Sylvia Ward before her death. He was going to wear it on their wedding day. He puts the rose into water that came from the Fountain of Youth and before the eyes of the people in the room; the rose looks fresh again as if it was just cut from a rose bush.

The writer of this story states that he had spread many rumors around over the years about Dr. Heidegger. It is also known around town that Dr. Heidegger is “beside himself as is not unfrequently the case with old people.” The four characters of the story are not expecting anything miraculous from Dr. Heidegger when they arrive for the experiment. They are expecting the norm from the Doctor which is some very small experiment involving cobwebs or mice.

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