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The First Day of Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm was put into action on January 17, 11 at 0 in the morning, though preparation had begun at a much early time. The previous days had been full of priming for the invasion. Weapons crews had labored in numerous locations such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Six nations took part in helping load warplanes with hundreds of tons of missiles, rockets, and bombs to aid in the attack. In the Red Sea and the gulf, American aircraft carriers had pushed northward with hopes of putting Iraq in rage with their planes.

The attack would begin with twelve Army and Air Force special-operations helicopters. Proceeding behind them would be eight F-15 fighter-bombers that would destroy the nearest Iraqi air-defense center. During all of this commotion stealth bombers started to bomb the early-morning sky of Baghdad. By the afternoon the United States had fully completed 850 missions. Some key advances had been hitting Saddam Hussein’s palace in Baghdad along with the ITT Building. Also damaged were the two major Scud missile sites in western Iraq along with the biological and nuclear weapons bunker.

The F-117’s had not been so accurate during the attack, dropping only 55 percent of their bombs on target and the F-111’s were about 70 percent accurate. But most importantly, only planes had gone down, which was a much lower number than what the United States had expected. By the evening, the army was relocating west in establishment for a ground attack. In less than twenty-four hours of fighting the Army had covered 10 miles of land.

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