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This was a lonely night, in the sack ship of the french federation, when sudenly it stumbles upun a a disturben calll from the ships radio, it was the polonia, it has been attack by the german aurabians, captain north decides to investigate de ocurrence ... to see what exactlyis that attack the polonia in the middle of the ocean we call ... the anus...

when the sack ship reach where the incident happen, there were only traces of wood flotin around an smoke, with the stench of blood in the airn.. captain north was devastated he didnt come as quick as he wanted... but then he heard a voice, a female voice, he quyicky went to llok where was the voice coming from... and when he did.. he foun a floatin body over wood of a naked woman crying anyellin for help... who is this woman ... north thought to himself, and he salvage the woman, she was gracefull of his help, and north ask what exactly happen.. she comply.. with tears of sorrow...... butr the captain had other ideas, he wanted her, to see a beautifull naked cinamon-skin woman, he just could think of anythin else, an he quickly brough her to his quarters where he undress ....... an the woman resisted at first but as he undreess she got to see his members and she got really wet from the inside, and quickly got on her knees and started caresin his member with her big breast, he wasd exited as she can see, teasin him by pasin the tip of her toungo to the tip of his members.. she quickly started to suck him giving herself the fiunger to her already hoy an wet pussy, the captain could believe what was happenin, but as soon he thought that ... the woman already trow him to bed and she sit on his face, the captain could wait to eat her pussy ... while she keep blowing him ... he wanted more as she did also ....

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