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A controversial issue in our world today is the technology of human cloning. There are currently arguments in support and against human cloning, all of which are numerous and varied. A number of these arguments for abolishing cloning appear to express natural fears and hesitations and how it can be morally justified. Various negatives have been applied to the issue, a greater part of those being ethical issues, such as human uniqueness, and cloning to recreate an individual whose existence was once judged harmful. On the medical side of cloning, some believe that cloning for medical reasons and ‘parts’ is a form of exploitation on human life when creating a human only to destroy it. It is clear to us that the benefits of cloning technology clearly outweigh the consequences that may be associated with it.

“Human clones have always existed, however, brought about by the natural process of the birth of identical twins…. However similar such twins may be in appearance and some other traits, there is absolutely no doubt that they are two separate individuals whose lives and personalities may develop in markedly different ways.” This quote proves that an individual grows and becomes stronger, developing stronger personality and uniqueness, through personal experiences throughout the life they lead. Though there may be a number of people who may try to replicate an inspired genius or a successful sports star, or on the other hand an individual from the past who may have once been judged as harmful, they are likely to be unsuccessful. It is like trying to wipe out the gene that causes pushy parents. It isn’t possible because they only became the way they did through personal experiences they were subjected to in life.

The area that stands to benefit most from cloning is medicine. Cloning will lead to a better treatment for heart attacks, as Doctors will be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged. If heart disease can be cured, then human life expectancy will increase. Skin for burn victims, brain cells for the brain damaged, hearts, lungs, livers, and kidneys for the needy could all be produced because the cloned body parts will be accepted by the body as they were engineered using the recipients cells. Cloned nerve cells or other components of the human spinal column could be used to help treat quadriplegics and paraplegics, suffering from incurable paralysis and Quadriplegia and paraplegia may become things of the past, as broken spinal columns will be able to be repaired. Cancer could be eradicated, as cloning would enable scientists to switch cancer cells off.

In the future, cows will be able to be genetically engineered to produce pharmaceuticals in their milk, making shots and pills notions of the past. Babies could be brought up immune to diseases by simply mixing their formula with milk. With a few gallons of drug-enriched milk, whole villages could be made healthy and immune to disease in third world countries like Somalia. Simple foods like bread could be fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to cure malnutrition forever. Once cloned into an endless supply, hunger will also be cured. Children and families in these countries will never have to worry about food again.

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There are times when people lose limbs during accidents or when battling a disease. Cloning could replace the limbs lost with new ones, offering the victim a second chance at a normal life. When they are born a cell would be taken from them and frozen as an embryo after being fused with a donated ovum. The frozen embryos undifferentiated cells could at a later date be used to provide replacement organs or other cells or tissues for the now mature person who donated the original DNA. This procedure has been classed as an ethical dilemma because some believe a human life has been exploited but one scientist states, It is certainly a human life, but not a protectable human being. It was never intended to be turned into a baby.

There is much heartache and pain associated with infertile couples or individuals within a relationship who are unable to naturally conceive a child. Cloning offers infertile couples the promise of greatly improving the odds of having a baby. An infertile man can have sperm cloned and the undamaged sperm used. Likewise, an infertile woman can have an egg cloned and the fertile egg used for conception. Infertile couples are obviously going to prefer children who shared their genetic components to adopting or using a donor. The current options for infertile couples are inefficient, painful, expensive, and heart breaking. Many couples run out of time and money without successfully having children. Cloning could put an end to this suffering.

Cosmetic surgeons, with the help of cloning, may someday be able to change the way they go about plastic surgery. Silicone breast implants and other procedures could be replaced because instead of using materials foreign to the body, doctors will be able to manufacture bone, fat, connective tissue, or cartilage that match the patient’s tissues exactly, so the tissues will never be rejected. Victims of terrible accidents that deform the face and body should now be able to have their features repaired with new, safer technology. Anyone will be able to have their appearance altered to their satisfaction without the leaking of silicone gel into their bodies or the other problems that occur with present day plastic surgery.

Yet with the so many ideas and motivations behind human cloning there are still those who wish to hold us back and slow us down, those attempting to stop us from making these technological breakthroughs in science and disagree that cloning technology would be a great benefit to mankind. These People need to leave their fears and scepticism behind so that our world can become a better place for all to live. If this technology is allowed nobody will die of cancer or be debilitated in a wheelchair for the rest of their natural life. Infertility will be a thing of the past and humans shall become immune to untreatable diseases. Cloning must be practiced as the potential benefits for the human species, non-medical and medical, outweigh the consequences by far.

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