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Imagining having all of the facts of this case, I foresee several possible outcomes. The first ramification of John complaining would be absolutely nothing. As most companies do, ZYX Corporation is well within their legal rights to have a grooming code. They are implemented to keep the company uniformed and professional looking. Many believe that when people look good, they work their best. In addition, HR may feel that if they make changes for one person that will then open the door for everyone to want to change what they do not like about the company’s standards. Doing so will mean rewriting the company handbook with every complaint. John will have the option to file a formal complaint with the EEOC if he feel strongly enough about it. So again, no action will be taken.

Another possible outcome for the complaint would be that human resources would review their company’s grooming codes and tests and take his complaint into consideration. Then survey the employees to get a general consensus to aid in their decision for change. This would definitely be a moral booster for the entire company and also make them look great in the eyes of the employees and prospects.

What type of reputation does John have with ZYX? Lets say most of his peers regard him highly and respected him. However, in the midst of his complaints being considered, he got the promotion and eventually the tests questions were changed but not the grooming codes. Upper management saw him as a very good prospect for the position and did not want to pass up having someone with his expertise on their management team. However they also thought he was a big kiss up who would not pursuit his complaints any further with a little incentive. John is trying to do a good job in his new position but his new subordinates who were previously his peers (mostly black) do not respect him anymore. They call him “Uncle Tom” and a sell out. He has since cut off his dread locks and took the hoop out of his ear. He is really trying to appeal to his new bosses in upper management while still trying to maintain the same relationship with coworkers. The same people he went to lunch with everyday now make plans after hours without him. When John calls for team meetings, his black subordinates trickle into the conference rooms late without regard. The reason his peers took such a disliking to him in his new position is because he used to be the voice for them. He started off good speaking out and taking a stand for what he and the rest of the black people felt were discrimination. They were expecting a change instead John got the promotion and conformed.

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