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write any essaysexplosion forces down the piston, so turning the crankshaft. The final phase of the operation is the stroke that expels the exhaust gases from the cylinder.

B Cylinder Head

The engine¡¯s cylinder block is invariably made of cast iron on to which is bolted an aluminium cylinder head. This contains the valves that permit the petrol-air mixture to enter the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases to leave it. These can be actuated by pushrods from a block-located crankshaft-driven camshaft, although the head more usually incorporates single or twin ¡°overhead¡± camshafts driven by a ribbed rubber belt.

C Fuel Injection

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Fuel-Injection System The fuel-injection system replaces the carburettor in most new vehicles to provide a more efficient fuel-delivery system. Electronic sensors respond to varying engine speeds and driving conditions by changing the ratio of fuel to air. The sensors send a fine mist of fuel from the fuel supply through a fuel-injection nozzle into a combustion chamber, where it is mixed with air. The mixture of fuel and air triggers ignition.¨Ï Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

A carburettor had been used from the earliest days of motoring as a component in which the petrol-air mixture was created. The limitation of such an arrangement was that the mixture was unevenly distributed which resulted in incomplete combustion and an undesirable amount of unburnt fuel reaching the atmosphere.


Motor Engine

As a result, the carburettor has now been replaced by fuel injection. This first appeared on high-performance cars in the 150s. Not only is a precise amount of metered petrol delivered by pump to each cylinder, but the air supply can also be carefully controlled by the use of an individual inlet manifold.

D Lubrication

An engine cannot function unless it is well lubricated with oil. This is circulated under pressure from a pump that draws lubricant from a reservoir contained within the sump at the base of the engine. It is delivered under pressure to the main crankshaft bearings from a gallery located in the side of the block, and to the appropriately named big-ends of the connecting rods via holes drilled in the shaft. Oil reaches the bores by splash although it is pumped to the camshaft and valve gear.

E Cooling

Car Systems Cars are powered and controlled by a complicated interrelationship between several systems. This diagram shows the parts of a car with a petrol engine and manual transmission (the air filter and carburettor have been removed to show the parts beneath, but are usually in the space above the intake manifold). The car¡¯s major systems are the power plant, the power train, the running gear, and the control system. Each of these major categories includes a number of subsystems, as shown above. The power plant includes the engine, fuel, electrical, exhaust, lubrication, and coolant subsystems. The power train includes the transmission and drive systems, including the clutch, differential, and drive shaft. Suspension, shock-absorbers, wheels, and tyres are all part of the running gear, or support system. Steering and brake systems are the major components of the control system, by which the driver directs the car.

As the combustion temperature of petrol is 500¡Æ C, the engine must be cooled. The cylinders and head therefore incorporate water jacketing for a coolant that contains an antifreeze mixture circulated by pump. It is cooled in a radiator located at the front of the

Microsoft¢ç Encarta¢ç Reference Library 00. ¨Ï 1-001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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