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In the classic epic “Beowulf,” an imbalance between pagan and Christian values exists. The imbalance occurred when a monk rewrote this epic, including his own Christian beliefs throughout the story. The actual people during the Anglo-Saxon period believed in monsters. Three examples of this imbalance occur during Shild’s burial, Hrothgar’s desperation, and Beowulf’s revenge.

One example of the imbalance can be seen during Shild’s burial. Shild was the first king of Denmark. When Shild died, his people gave him a burial at sea. Followers of Shild placed treasures next to his body, hoping to buy his way into Heaven. “Next to that noble corpse they heaped up treasures.” This quotation illustrates paganism because a person cannot buy his way into Heaven. On the other hand, the Christian aspect of this event was that Shild believed in God and called to the Lord’s hands. “When his time was come the old king died, still strong but called to the Lord’s hands.” This quotation was Christian because even though Shild believed in monsters and demons, he worshiped God. Shild was one of many people during this time who held pagan and Christian beliefs.

Another example of the imbalance is Hrothgar’s desperation. Hrothgar, the fourth king of Denmark, believes he is protected by God. Once a monster, named Grendel, attacked Hrothgar and his people and left the great hall, Herot, empty for twelve years. King Hrothgar became so desperate that he prayed to his stone gods. “Sometimes they sacrificed to the old stone gods;” Hrothgar believed in more than one God, which was a pagan virtue. However, Hrothgar was protected by God and could not be touched by Grendel. “He never dared to touch King Hrothgar’s glorious throne, protected by God.” God was protecting Hrothgar from evil, which was a Christian belief. In the end, good triumphed over evil in this battle, but there would be more to come.

Finally, the third example of the imbalance is Beowulf’s revenge. Beowulf, the hero of this epic, comes from the Geat tribe to kill the monsters responsible for destroying Hrothgar’s kingdom. Beowulf gives a speech before going into battle with Grendel’s fierce mother; he vows revenge for his friend’s deaths. “It is better for us all to avenge our friends, not mourn them forever.” Beowulf is pagan because he thinks that vengeance and murder are good. Conversely, Hrothgar thanks God for Beowulf’s words. “The old king leaped to his feet, gave thanks to God for such words.” Christian values are shown here because Hrothgar thinks God wants Beowulf to seek vengeance and murder. Beowulf exerts both pagan and Christian values throughout this epic, but it is difficult to say which he truly is.

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In conclusion the epic “Beowulf” showed that these pagan people evolved into Christian believers. They were eventually able to put their barbaric way of life aside and peacefully coexist.

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