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What is true for you is true for you. What is true for me is true for me.

There are no absolutes.

Today in our world truth is an ambiguous word. Everyone claims to have it but few people really understand what it actually means. To some people truth is relative and to others truth is absolute. But, there is only one absolute truth for everything. We may have not found out about the absolute truth for everything because in order to do that you would have to know everything in this world and that is impossible for a human being. Therefore truth cannot be relative because belief is relative and truth is absolute.

Absolute Truth is defined as inflexible reality, fixed, invariable, unalterable facts. Natural Laws, such as Gravity, Inertia, Cause and Effect, etc… are all examples of Absolute Truth. For example some people believe in god and some people don’t. Their beliefs are relative. In many different religions they believe in different gods. But either there is a god or there is not a god it can’t be both. There is only one answer to that question which is the absolute truth but it just hasn’t been figured out yet.

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If every for 40 days in a row you would see a black cat every time on your way to school you would think that there were only black cats in the world and no other colored cats existed. You would believe this but this is only relative because it is only what you believe. But it has been proven scientifically that there is more than one type of colored cat in the world. Therefore you are wrong. This is called the truth of induction.

Truth has to be absolute because if it is relative, the concept and power of truth is meaningless. For every personality and every situation there is a different justification for what is true and what is false. ‘Its OK, if its true for you and not true for me.’ But one of them is wrong (making one right) or both individuals are wrong. Concerning the topic of the beginning of the world. Creation or evolution? As some people believe it, the earth was created naturally. As an evolutionist may believe it, the earth came into origin through the process of the big bang theory and evolution. If we perceive differently does that make us both right? No. If the earth was not created by God than the people who believe it was are wrong. If the earth was not a process of evolution, that makes the evolutionist wrong. You can’t believe that there was more than one way of the earth being formed. Truth is not relative to the perception of others. Perception and belief is relative, but that does not mean that they are right. It just simply means that they do not know the truth. The one solid rock of truth. Truth will not change if one believes it to. The truth exists. No one within the human capability can know the whole truth but it still exists.

In math, we use symbols to represent the real world. Often a statement is true simply because we define it as true. For example, the statement 1 + 1 = is true because we define 1 to represent a single item, and to represent a couple of items. Two singles make a double. The statement is true because it has been proven mathematically. There is only one absolute truth to “1+1” which is .

If truth is absolute and a persons perception does NOT define the truth, then discussions of truth are much more important. Such discussions tie directly into the nature of reality. For example, if your perception is that walking in front of a Mac truck on the Interstate will have no effect, your perception is directly contrary to the truth. In the big scheme of things, what you think does matter. It matters because truth is absolute.

Truth cannot be relative and when you say that truth is not absolute you are making an absolute statement so therefore truth cannot be relative. Saying there is no absolute truth means that everyone can make up their own truth. The law says that green means go and red means stop, but if everyone had there own truth to someone green could mean stop and red could mean go. If there was no truth and everyone was making their own truth then this world would be chaotic. Therefore standards have to be made about what is true and what is not. So in

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