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King Lear

In the beginning of the play, Lears best days have already passed and he is old. He was still the one making the decisions, however, these decisions, to banish Kent and Cordelia and the division of his kingdom between Goneril and Regan, are to be his last. These two drive him mad by displaying filial ingratitude. It is only through his madness that he realizes that he was blind to Cordelias noble nature. He regains his sanity with the help of her care. He dies of heartbreak due to Cordelias death at the end.


Lears eldest daughter and the wife of Albany. She comes up with the idea to pluck out Gloucesters eyes which demonstrates her viciousness. Her lustful and devious nature is seen when she plots her husbands death in order to be able to pursue her sexual relations with Edmund. She poisons her sister Regan because of her jealousy of Regans relations with Edmund. She then kills herself.

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King Lears second daughter and wife of Cornwall. She is also lustful of Edmund. She is at first united with her sister in their common rejection of their father. They are then separated by their common interest in Edmund. She is thus poisoned by her sister.


Cordelia is Lears third and banished daughter. She is also the Queen of France by marriage. Although she is on stage for only a fraction of the play, she has a strong presence. She is the only one that really loves her father. In the end, she rejoins her father who has forgiven her by this time, only to be hanged by the order of Edmund.

Earl of Gloucester

He has two sons, one is legitimate and the other one is illegitimate. In consequence of Gloucesters lustfulness, his illegitimate child ends up betraying him and his legitimate son, Edgar. His eyes are plucked out by the Duke of Cornwall for a supposed betrayal and for having helped out King Lear. It is only once his is physically blind that his mental blindness is removed and he sees Edgars noble nature and Edmunds evil nature. He attempts to commit suicide, but is saved by Edgar and ends up dying off stage.


He is the Earl of Gloucesters good and legitimate son. He takes on three disguises in the play. He at first pretends to be madman Tom, then to be a messenger and finally to be an unknown nobleman. He also kills his evil brother in a duel, after having challenged him. He ends up being the one who must clean up the mess that happened during the play, having been appointed as a regent.


He is the Earl of Gloucesters evil and illegitimate son. He is one of the most amoral villain of all of Shakespeares plays. He at first tricks his father to believe that Edgar is plotting his death, thus becoming the hereditary of his fathers land and titles. He then reveals his fathers secret about helping Lear and having received a letter about Frances troops having landed to Lears two daughters and Cornwall. He thus receives Gloucesters land and titles. He also seduces both Regan and Goneril and orders Lear and Cordelia, probably hoping to become King. He dies in the end in a duel with his brother.

The Duke of Albany

He is Gonerils husband. He is in love with her at first, however, when he finds out how she treated her father, he turns against her. He is really honest and maintains his dignity, even when everyone else is acting according to their emotions.

Duke of Cornwall

He is Regans husband, and he is her accomplice in her evil-doings. He is killed by a servant, which is an insult, since he was a lot above her rank which he gained through marriage.


He provides companionship and amusement to the King. He then disappears once the King has realized that he made a mistake in dividing his kingdom between Goneril and Regan and by banishing Cordelia. The Fool, Kent and Cordelia are the only ones who are truly honest with the King.


He is so loyal to Lear that he he does not value himself at all as far as Lears safety and well-being are concerned. He is also very plain and blunt and always says what he thinks, which makes Lear banish him. He then assumes the disguise of a poor servant in order to be able to continue serving Lear. When his master passes away, he wishes to follow him.


He is a social-climber and an unlikable character, since we see the likeable Kent insulting him. He is loyal to his mistress Goneril and will not betray her to Regan when he is carrying her letter to Edmund. In the end, he is killed in a fight with Edgar.

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