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You have reached the very core of my heart and soul, I love you with my all.

We have reached a point in our relationship, when I cant bear to leave your side.

We both know that time is our only obstacle, it will pass, perhaps slowly, but the

day will come when we will have the beautiful life that we have planned on,

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and your pain will pass. Until then I will always be there by your side to hold you when you

need to be held , to cry with you when you need to cry , and to love you when you need to

feel and know that I love you. Then when the time comes we will say we have made the

journey that so few in life get to take. Lifetime of love. Until that time, I will continue

to love you and respect your wishes, as you do mine.

I love you with total devotion, you respect me as I do You. When you came into my life you

lit a fire that would never die.

Your support and care for me overwhelm me, you stir so many emotions and feelings

from the soft caresses of your touch, to the sadness you feel and I feel with you.

I will not ask from you anything you are not capable of giving...

I will not ask from you anything but that which i truly need...

I will not take from you without giving equal value in return.

I will love you, Now and Forever, with all of my heart and soul.

hugs and kisses

Your Husband

I promise you my love...

without any limits

to accept the things you believe in

to always try to understand you

to be near you whenever you need my presence

to trust in your love for me

and pray that it grows stronger every day

to watch our love grow together through the years.

I promise to sooth your mind and body

to plan with you, dream with you

to do my best to show you how much I love you

for you have become my world, my heart, my life

the future is ours...... always.

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