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My Personal Goals

For most of my younger years one question was often on my mind. What do I want to be when I grow up? A doctor? An actress? A lawyer? A homemaker? This question became even stronger when it was time to decide my major in college and that is when I stopped and looked at my whole life, searching deep inside myself to find an answer.

First, I tried looking at what my interests were as a child, what classes I liked the most in school and what were my dreams then. Since I was a little girl my dream was to become a successful businesswoman. I never really thought about The Perfect Wedding or the number of kids I was going to have. No, I wasn’t interested in that. I had a passion � a passion for numbers and papers. Many times I caught myself wishing my mom would come home with a rim of paper so I could play a secretary or that my dad would take me to work so I could use his calculator. Then, I remembered that my family couldn’t understand why a ten years-old girl would save all of her money to buy a stapler, a hole-punch, or just a bunch of paper clips. Then, lost in all those thoughts about my childhood I solved my life-long question. At that time I was able to tell them � it’s a passion for numbers and papers and that’s why I want to be an accountant.

Fourteen years has passed since I bought my first stapler. Many things have changed since then. At seventeen, I moved to the United States with only one thing in mind � get a good education to help me succeed. That was my plan. I was excited and loved the decision I had made. That was the first step for me to reach my goals. But it was almost at end of my senior year when I met this guy and learned that some things in life don’t always happen the way you plan. We fell in love and a couple of years later we had The Perfect Wedding and dreamed about the number of kids we were going to have and because of that my initial plan was put aside.

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Few years passed by and at years old I could consider myself a happy person. I had a nice house, a lovely husband, a cute little baby girl, and a steady job. I had new plans and dreams. I wanted to make my husband happy and give my daughter a good education. All my efforts were into being a good wife and a wonderful mom. I felt really good about my life. But still I felt like there was something missing? Did I do everything I planned in my life? Between all the happiness and joy, I felt like there was something I hadn’t done. For the longest time I could not figure out what that was. That was until the day I started looking for a school for my daughter. I was looking for the best school that could prepare her for the future. A school that could help her achieves all her goals in life. And as I was thinking about her it stroked me � That is it! That’s what I’m missing in my own life. That is what I needed to make my life complete. I had to fulfill my initial plans and this way I will feel complete. I realized that I was growing up and if I wanted to accomplish all my plans, I had to do it now.

At 4, my goal is to fulfill my life-long dream. What do I want to be when I grow up? Achieve the only thing that is missing in my life, the dream that I had since I was a little girl playing with my mom’s typing machine. I want to have a successful career in accounting and think that going back to school will help me get there. With the help of my family, friends, and teacher I know I can do it!

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