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The texts I have studied this year demonstrated many factors can influence peoples perspective ,especially the cultural background, time, generation gap and education.

In Educating Rita, education and different backgrounds are the main factors which influence the perspectives of the characters Rita and Frank. The techniques such as verbal dialogue, literary reference and contrast are used to present the perspectives of them.

In the opening, the statements of Rita about a picture, it is very erotic , look at those tits, show she is direct and original due to her lack of education. The vulgar language she uses gives audiences an opinion on Rita who possesses individual and unconventional perspective. It causes Franks positive perspective on Rita, since the uncluttered mind she has. Ritas heavy accent and the use of slang reveal she is from working class background, this gives audiences the information that she is a hairdresser who wants to discover herself by receiving education before having a baby. It is an insight into her feelings and social life. Franks use of proper english shows he comes from upper class. Their absolute different background and language using which is very humourous effectively shape the vastly distinctness of them. This gap between Rita and Frank influence their perspectives.

After a few days later, Rita uses colloquial language as before through Franks teaching. The way she writes essay represents even though she is quite thirst for being educated, her perspetive is still innocent.

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Ritas husband Denny objects her to get lessons since he is a very proud and simple man who does not like to accept any influence. He is uneducated so that he wants to be the master in the family which with no complications. This determines his negative perspective on education. Rita eventually chooses her education over Denny, here shows how strong minded Rita is, she will not let any obstacles in her way of following her dream whether how much oppositions.

The biggest step for Rita is in the summer school. She is becoming more reformed. She talks, her language is not as bad; she does not swear as much as before and is becoming to sound more educated. These changes represent Rita has become educated in a sence, but not competely in a right direction, because she has lose her individual and original perspectives, being an echo to other people. This is why the argument caused between Frank and Rita. Frank mockingly suggests that her name should be changed to Virginia Woolf , Charlotte Bronte , Jane Austen or Emily Bronte. His derisive tone here conveys his very distressed feeling since he wants the unique fresh Rita back. Frank also compares himself to Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who creates a monster which he cannot control. The implication is that Frank has created the Rita who stands before him. The literary reference shows his sad mood. The alteration of Rita influences Franks perspective which become regretful from fond, since Rita is in a bad situation in his point of view.

Rita begins to separate from Frank, such as the fact that she has changed her job and did not tell Frank. The mentality of Rita now shows her perspective is completely different from the beginning. She is developing certain arrogance that feels Frank is jealous she is educated already, thinks no longer needs him. On the other hand Frank is actually concerned about the way she was taught.

At last, Rita makes a personal discovery and realizes what she has become. She can now chose whatever she wants to do, she is an educated woman she has always wanted to be. This story tells audiences education can influenced peoples perspective, like Rita, being objective and individual eventually.

Like Educating Rita shows many factors such as education and class may influence Ritas perspectives, Immigrant Chronical by Peter Skryznecki also offers a personal perspective can be affected by some elements.

The poem Feliks Skrzynecki is a tribute to Feliks who is Peters father. It shows the different perspectives of peter and his father. Although Feliks has emigrated to Australia, he has preserved the unchanging elements of his culture. However Peter does not have the strong perspective about the familys European past.

When Peter was young, he could not understand the hardships his father had to endure or his relations with Polish Culture. As he grew older, his perspective became more assimilated by Astralia, but also matured of Feliks.

There is a blend of naive language and adult perspective in this poem. It can be found in exaggeration Ten times around the world. The word Gentle as an adjective allude the idea of a respectful affiliation between father and son. while Peter admires his father greatly he also recognises his difference from him. This adjective sets the tone is honorific and soft.

The quotes I never once heard / Him complain of work, the weather / Or pain and Happy as I have never been show the poet did not comprehend his fathers physical appearance and optimistic perspectives, so that even though Feliks has been through plenty of troubles, he is still happier than his son. Another quotes Growing older, I /Remember words he taught me, / Remnants of a language / I inherited unknowingly reveal Peters perspective becomes matured. He begins to know the differences between his father and himself, and regrets not having appreciated the Polish language when he was younger.

As time passes, the generation gap between them grows too.The statement at the end like a dumb prophet / Watched me pegging my tents / Further and further south of Hadrians Wall shows both perspectives, especially the fathers. Feliks sees his son gradually moving away from him and his culture, but he knows he could not prevent his son from becoming assimilated even if the son conforms the new society and the way of life, as the poet says forgot my first Polish Word. Hadrian Wall is a metaphor of the widening gap between Feliks and Peter. The simile used, like a dumb prophet, gives the idea that the father recognised there was nothing he could do to stop the two drifting apart. It shows the detached and admiring tone in the poem.

In conclusion, Feliks Skrzynecki reveals how the father and son have become detached from one another using some language techniques. Their perspectives are opposite because the influence of the cultural background and age.

Another poem Kornelia Woloszczuk written by Peter Skryznecki describes Peters mother Kornelia, shows the generation gap as well.

Kornelia Woloszczuk uses disturbed natural imagery darkness of storms to depict his mothers face looks like, betrays she is really in pain,very angry so that make him feel guilty. It represents Kornelia is so unhappy and sullen just like in a cave, she could not understand her son even though she is trying to. The beginning of second paragraph conveys Peters perspective of his mother. He desperately wants her approval, but she never say anything. Later Peter uses sea to establish a very important image. The idea of sea is something can change rapidly, that is what his mother is like. The quotes She walks beside / A river, pointing out / How water destroys images describe a picture that she is walking along the water and sees the reflection. Here shows the completely negative perspective of his mother is destroyed just like the images in water. She can not communicate with anyone, she dose not understand her life and thinks whatever she dose has no effect. At the end of the fourth stanza, the quotes For the sake of children / Who forget you / Before you are dead mean she has given up everything since she thought her son had forgotten her. Her passive perspective may let the reader feel horrific.

The use of rhetorical question in second stanza reveals the poets guilty and regretful perspective that he has disappointed his mother. The tragic tone throughout the poem suggests Kornelia is really in bitter and can not save herself.

Kornelia Woloszczuk shows the generation gap and cultural background influence the different and confused perspectives between the mother and son, especially the pessimistic and depressed mother, who is mental derangement in a sence.

10 Mary Street is another poem by Peter Skrzynecki. It explains the daily routines of the family which had lived in the house for 1 years for a stable environment. It also addresses peoples perspective can be affected by time through dealing with the detachment between the parent and child as a result of migration. This is similar to Felix Skrzynecki and Kornelia Woloszczuk.

To the parents, the house stands for their desire to retain the European culture. Their perspective of the house is the container of many memories and a lot of things of their homeland, the house allows them to forget they ever left their homeland. The son however, does not share the same perspectives since he left his homeland when he was too young. As he grows up, he becomes understanding and begins to find his parents culture. His point of view towards his parents. This demonstrates time may influence peoples perspective.

Peter uses some language techniques to emphasize how much the parents love the house. The simile shut the house / like a well oiled lock is used to create a sense of security within the house and appreciate the order of daily ritual when departing in the morning. Another simile Like adopted children describes the garden and how it seemed like no ordinary garden to the parents. All of them show the house is so important for the parents.

10 Mary Street can be compared with Felix Skrzynecki because both poems deal with the perspectives of a child towards his parents as he matures. This reinforces the point that age and cultural background can have great influence on an individual.

The poem The Door by Miroslav Holub is somewhat different to those presented in the poems of Peter Skrzynecki. The poem Felix Skrzynecki suggests the perspective can be influenced by many factors that are inevitable in life that cannot be stopped, whereas The Door presents the impact only depends on if the person is willing to take the risk of experiencing new things.

Miroslav believes the door is a symbol of change, it can only be opened by an individual. The poem offers the perspective can be influenced by opening the door. These perspectives may be positive or negative,real or surreal. For example, tree wood and garden are the visuals of nature, magic city is imaginary. However they all symbolize happiness. Then the mood becomes obscure and dark in next stanza. The picture of a picture contains impersonal perspective which is fake. Fog stands for obstacle in our life.

The beginning of each stanza states Go and open the door. This implies that the poet is intending for the reader to take action and do something with their life. The door itself can be seen as a metaphor for our minds and hearts, persuading us to open ourselves up.

This repetition of the imperative asserts the need to open the door and take risks. The word Maybe is also repeated to further emphasis the need and suggests that people will never know what is behind the door unless opening it.

This poem uses the door as an extended metaphor throughout the poem to establish the perspective influenced. Opening the door is a factor that allows people to experience new things, suggests life is full of risks, peoples perspective on life will be influenced by taking risks .

Similarly, Sky high written by Hannah Robert is also a text that presents time can influence peoples perspective. Hannah Robert gives the reader her perspectives of the worlds at her childhood and manhood.

Sky-high contrasts the imagination of childhood and the freedom of youth, with the responsibility of adulthood by giving the clothesline a metaphorical meaning. She uses figurative language and emotive language to bring her vivid descriptions to life.

In the beginning, the story is composed from the perspective of a young adult reflecting on her past. While reminiscing, Hannah outlines her childhood perspective of her backyard and the world. The alliteration Silver skeletal arms throwing long is a personification of a clothesline which is compared to a skeleton stretching out its arms. It gives the washing line a lifelike power and presence in the garden. The metaphor The best climbing tree in the yard stood proud on a mound of concrete describes the washing line as a tree that she can climb, rather than a metal machine in the garden. The use of metaphor reveals the imaginative perspective of the child. Alliteration combined with personification,gives a clear picture of the landscape she is describing.

As a young girl, the author would swing upside-down on the washing line. However, when she grows older, there are responsibilities, she is no longer the innocent child she once was. Hannah uses some negative connotations to show her pessimistic perspective of life. For example, the description of the washing line spotted metallic arms represents it is not a magical object any more, just a piece of equipment used to hang clothes.

The last sentence it is unlikely the washing line could support me this time, there are too many things tying me to the ground refers metaphorically to the responsibilities and restrictions that tie her to the ground. It expresses the composers sadness and helps to create a picture of the two perspectives, past and present, at how her perspective inevitably be influenced as she gets older and becomes aware of the realities of life. The sentence also gives readers an opinion that she wants to return to the freedom of childhood since the lack the excitement of the past.

Initially as the anthor describes her childhood, the tone is warm and elevated. But as the story comes to an end and the persona returns to the presence, the tone is cold and hardened. The effect of the change in tense is to make her description of climbing the washing line much more exciting and vivid as if we are living the experience with her as it happens. Techniques such as alliteration, metaphors and similes show how childhood was full of freedom and happiness, arouse the readers personal emotions. All the narrative techniques used in Sky-high present Hannahs different mood, emphasize the different time has different perspectives. Therefore the text demonstrates time can influence peoples perspective.

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