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The Pigman

By Paul Zindel


The Pigman is a story about a lonely old man who met two

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children named Lorraine and John. It all started as a practical

joke that turned into a beautiful friendship. The Pigmanliked this

monkey because it reminded him of himself. Then when the monkey

died, Mr. Pigman died because of a heart attack.

My Opinion

I think it was a real cute. I liked the story a whole lot. It

was very interesting. I think it was sad because the Pigman died,

but it was still a good book.


Mr Pignati was very lonely. John and Lorraine met

Mr. Pignati and became very good friends with him. Lorraine

and Johnwrecked Mr. Pignati’s house while having a party.

Lorraine and John apoligized to him by taking him to the zoo.

A monkey that was similar to Mr. Pignati died so then Mr.

Pignati died because of a heart attack.

Questions & Answers

Why was Mr. Pignati called the Pigman?

Mr Pignati was called the Pigman because he had

lots of pigs inside of his house.

Why did Mr. Pignati go to the zoo to feed the baboons?

Mr. Pignati went to the zoo to feed the baboons

because he was very lonely.


This adventure took place in New York & Franklin

High (Highschool).


Two teenagers John and Lorraine met a man named

Mr. Pignati who lost his wife. John and Lorraine find out they

have something in common with Mr. Pignati which was

loneliness.John first thoght it was a way of making money but then

John, Lorraine and Mr. Pignati (The Pigman) became

friends. Mr. Pignati was named the Pigman because he lived

with Pigs.He kept pigs in his house. Mr. Pignati went to the

zoo to feed the baboons couse he was very lonely. There was also a

monkey that was similar to him. They both were lonely (the monkey

and Mr. Pignati). Lorraine and John were also lonely they

had no friend beside themselves. At school people made fun of them.

Mr. Pignati later died because the monkey died before so Mr.

Pignati had a heart attack.


Noun Subconcious- To not be fully concious.

Stagger- To walk about unsteadily

Surnish- Equip or outfit

Deceased- No longer existing

Synopisis of the story

Lorriane Jensen and John Conlane are two highschool

sophmores. who just moved last year. They dont have any friends

but themselves. At school the kids make fun of them. “John has

compassion deep inside of him”, thats what Lorraine said in the

story so that is why they got involved with “The Pigman” which

is Mr. Pignati.

Mr,Pignati is a lonely person who lost his wife and had no

children. Mr. Pignati also had no friends. Mr. Pignati was

called the Pigman because he lived with pigs. Mr. Pignati went

to the zoo to feed the baboons because he felt very lonely. Lorraine,

John and Mr. Pignati became good friends. There was a

monkey at the zoo that was similar to Mr. Pignati they both were

lonely. Lorraine had John, and Mr. Pignati had the monkey.

When the monkey died, Mr. Pignati also died because of a

heart attack.

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