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Why I Love You

Why do I love you?

From you that question came.

Apparently I dont tell you why,

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And myself I have to blame.

So I feel that I should list,

Some qualities in you I admire.

And put them down in written form,

Before from my brain they expire.

I dont know what to start off with,

Placing precedence on one or the other.

So I shall blindly pick one random,

And hope that I can still flatter.

Your sense of humor I love so dear,

As you spontaneously crack a joke.

Or contort your face so weird,

I am afraid it will go broke.

You do this at moments so unsuspecting,

That I must laugh with you anyway;

No matter how rotten my mood is,

Or how dreary it is that day.

I also love your questioning,

Of the universe around you.

Your probing of the environment,

And deducing false from true.

No question is to small or dumb,

For me to not want to answer.

I honestly dont want to belittle you,

I just want to sate your hunger.

I also love your sexy body,

As you show it off all day.

I find myself thinking of it,

In each and every way.

I cannot help but notice your curves,

Even when not trying to act sensually.

But for my poor senses its overload,

You are terrible for teasing me.

I also love your strength of will,

Your progress in times so dire.

I only want to support you best,

To help you rise above the mire.

You have faced situations terrible,

And overcome obstacles aplenty.

But still you have sold yourself short,

And I am forever your sentry.

I only look to reinstate,

The confidence you have within.

And I feel eternally lucky,

That you have allowed me in.

I love the way you treat our kids,

As though they were creatures of your own.

It makes my heart swell with pride,

When your bedside manner, you hone.

As I watch you tend to ours,

I know that four-legged pets everywhere

Will benefit from the knowledge you seek,

And the hearts love you share.

I finally love the way that you,

Can keep me in check from myself.

I can only hope I do the same for you,

As you can be hard on yourself.

And so I must end this sonnet,

Not because I have no more to say.

But because Id rather be with you,

On this Valentines Day.

So we shall celebrate our very first,

Anniversary of our engagement.

And I have marked the evening with

Another poem (or love cement).

I hope you like this one as much,

As the others that are equally true.

Because I want to tell you why,

Why it is that I love you.

And even though that may be a task,

Very arduous in the undertaking.

These little words I string together,

Are the only just the beginning.

The Original Poem

All that I have ever wished for

is for someone to complete me.

Someone who is kind and friendly,

yet has a different outlook on life.

Someone to lean on

and hold hands with,

Someone wholl lie down with me,

and snuggle close when its cold.

I want to share my ideas with him,

And hear him laugh.

I wish I could look into his eyes

So that I might lose myself.

Id love to sneak a kiss from his lips,

and slow dance the night away.

His touch would bring sunshine

to my otherwise cloudy day.

I will run my hands through his hair

and caress his back with a massage.

If I look down at his hand in mine,

my heart will explode, my brain halt.

My only stipulation would be

that he loves me as much as I him.

But this is too much to ask for,

A relationship to close.

I would share everything with him,

he would know me through,

Unfortunately, in all my travels,

I cannot find anyone

who wants this too.

So I shall remain alone,

Until the day I am released.

That day he will come up to me,

And say those magic words,

My heart will melt,

My eyes will water,

All because he said I love you.

The Next Chapter

My path was seemingly empty,

barren and devoid.

I had no one to accompany me,

along my lonely journey.

Occasionally I would meet,

someone who would journey beside.

Our paths converged,

for a little while,

we shared something sweet and close.

But it wasnt to last.

You decided to abandon me,

to travel alone, or with someone else.

I begin to feel my life,

will always and forever remain incomplete.

I feel as though my love,

will be unanswered.

Suddenly a familiar figure draws near.

She is one who has shared my path,

but remained far away.

I am not expecting accompaniment,

along this difficult and ardorous road.

The first time she flittered close,

but our enemies drove us apart.

Farther down the road we rejoined,

but I was traveling with another.

This time is different.

My experience has grown.

My heart yearns for another,

yet this one will not be forgotten.

She flutter close,

yet holds back.

I confront her,

revealing to her my joy at her return.

I invite her to accompany me,

as far as the next ridge.

In a softly spoken voice,

spoken by the angels,

mimicked by the doves,

she says, I have always loved you.

My heart melted,

My eyes watered,

All because she said,

I love you.

She goes on to explain,

why she was afraid to draw near.

About how my other companions,

had frightened her away.

She had sent spies after me,

learning my every move.

Now she reveals to me,

just how much she loves me.

Our bodies draw close,

Our hands intertwine,

Our eyes focus on the most important thing

each other.

Our lips draw closer, closer, closer.

We combine.

I no longer travel alone,

I have a companion.

She has defined her world against mine.

I have defined my world against her love.

Alas, this is not a fairy tale,

or a story told of happy days of yore.

Instead this is the harsh sonnet of reality,

where journeys end,

paths diverge,

roads end.

My companion must remain on her path,

I must remain on mine.

Perhaps, in the future, our roads will cross again,

My journey may even end,

But that is a day far off,

And I will once again travel alone,

With only the memories to keep my company.

If I Could Look to the Future...

If I could look to the future,

I know what I want to see

You and I standing there,

that it is meant to be.

The soft touch of you fingers,

as they slowly intertwine,

our hands clasped together,

yours within mine.

Our hands holding each other,

as we walk in the park.

You draw closer to me

as it gets dark.

My arm goes over your shoulder,

you claim my jacket too.

Anything that I have,

will all be given to you.

The feelings I get,

as I gaze into your eyes,

the brown reflections I see,

have me mesmerized.

The emotions I feel,

when I think of your love;

it is like pure relief,

as to Noah, the dove.

You have called forth,

beckoned my soul from beyond.

Its return is hastened,

it yearns for this new bond.

You are infinite fodder,

for my starving heart,

which thought it would die,

from its last part.

A part in which I was rejected,

cast off and called no more.

Your love has reawakened,

those things Id felt before.

Your smile tells me,

the blackness will subside.

You offer a chance at life.

Can I walk in stride?

Will I allow myself,

to risk it all again,

In the name of your love,

can I ask myself to open?

Can I subject myself,

to a game more of chance?

Or will I let is slip away,

and not make a pounce?

I dont know what Id want,

I dont know where Id be,

if I ever thought at all,

that you didnt love me.

That is something I never questioned,

at least, not until now.

But I must find an answer,

I must learn how.

How much do I love thee?

That is what I must know.

And when I have answered that,

Will we be able to grow?

I pray that I ask not in vain,

that I can act fast,

and seize the chance,

to make my life at last.

To sow the seeds of love,

between you and I.

And watch through the years

as we grow together and die.

I know you will take

guardianship of my spirit.

Youve helped me so much,

but Ive been to blind to see it.

Will my sight be restored in time,

soon enough to enjoy what you can give?

Or must I submit myself again,

to the resignation that it hurts to live.

If I could only look to the future,

and know what to do or say.

Then I can enjoy that walk with you,

on that very special day.

That walk in the park,

each others hand we are holding.

And so much more than that,

before, after, and during.

Until that day may come,

I will spend each night,

asking for guidance in what to say,

doing what I hope is right.

So that we may be together,

if that is how it is meant to be.

And our love will last forever,

until the end of eternity.

I wish I knew what to do.

Where to go, who to see.

I wish I knew what to say,

so you could be with me.

I wish I knew what was right,

and what was wrong.

I wish my heart would tell me,

why its been quiet so long.

What am I supposed to do?

What do I want to be?

These are the questions,

that keep plaguing me.

I thought I escaped them before,

I thought I had answered them true.

But now I find out how wrong I was,

and that I dont know what to do.

I was so sure I knew what I wanted,

that I sacrificed all of it.

I gave my entire heart to her,

and she destroyed it.

So, I traveled on a long, hard road,

the one called recovery.

I put my life back together,

and made a new discovery.

I was young and inexperienced.

I knew so little about love.

I missed something right in front of me,

something I never thought of.

I never stopped to think,

what you could possibly mean to me,

so sure was I that I was right,

that I would make a pact for eternity.

That promise was never kept,

and thankfully never made.

But the danger I thought was averted,

just returned in spades.

I was left with pain,

weeping and sorrow kept me company.

I just ambled on with life,

nothing was even funny.

Depression was I mired in so deep,

I thought there was no way out.

Until I called you one day,

the day that I threw her out.

Did I just bring over,

the love I wanted before,

and through it to you,

leaving it at you door?

I think not,

though no one will believe me.

I think I was just wrong,

and wanted to learn to see.

I wanted to see what you are,

what promise your soul may hold.

Now I find that door is closed,

forever, from what Ive been told.

Perhaps it was meant to be this way,

someday, I might see it through.

But today, I find only one thing

I mourn for the loss of you.

What am I to do,

when life proves its not fair?

What can I do,

how can I best get there?

That place that I want to be,

so badly that I cant wait.

The joys for true love,

I want it to be my fate.

What once was,

I know is no longer.

And what can be,

no one can ponder.

What is left,

I just dont know.

Is it just intermission,

or is it the end of the show?

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