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Brave New World and Blade Runner Trial Essay

Done By Avremi Joseph

There are many different perspectives between the futuristic world

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represented in Ridely Scotts, Blade Runner and Aldos Huxleys, Brave New World.

Both texts illustrate the effect of human interference with natural processes and

environments in many different ways. Despite the fact of being conditioned humans

and replicates still have a natural connection to the natural world as is evidently

shown through the use of language features and film techniques in both texts.

Therefore, the suppression of humans natural emotions and functions, ultimately

result in the creation of emotions, thus shaping and reflecting the relationship and

understanding of humans within the natural world. These ideas are shown through a

range of Postmodernist, Feminist and Judao-Christian perspectives.

The concept of totalitarianism is indoctrination, into all levels of society, which seek to

reshape societys values and attitudes by suppressing their emotions and natural

functions. Evidently, in Brave New World and Blade Runner, such emotions and

natural functions are to powerful to deny, as such functions are an integral part of our

beings. In Aldous Huxleys, Brave New World the World State reflects a totalitarian

state as all humans are conditioned to believe in one orthodox perspective, thus by

controlling and shaping the peoples perspective, their natural emotions are

oppressed and denied. Therefore, opening the doorway for disagreement to such

orthodoxy and creation of natural emotions. The Director states, We conditioned the

masses to hate the country… to abolish the love of nature. 1 Therefore in such a

totalitarian state, like the World State, were peoples emotions are controlled and

conditioned, eventually influence them to disagree with such ideology. This is

evident, as Helmhotz and Bernard refuse to conform with the orthodox views of the

World State because their natural emotions are to powerful to deny, thus such

emotions are innate human qualities, as they cant be completely controlled. For

example, sexual desires have been channelled into Orgy Porgys, thus to an extent

the state is controlling the natural emotions and sexual desires of people. Other

processes such as, Pregnancy Surrogates have eroded the natural desire to bare

children and fall pregnant, as Mr Foster states, Fertility is merely a nuisance, thus

proving that technology is beginning to erode our natural methods of fertility. Huxley

presents this idea through the use of proper nouns and Neologisms like,

Bokanovsky Process and Orgy-Porgy. These words reinforce the idea that those

in control have taken over the language and imposed artificial labels on natural

functions in order to create a sense of isolation and confusion in the responders

mind. Huxley gives over a feminist perspective by illustrating the imbalance of female

influence in the World State. This is evident, as the womens natural functions have

been eroded by technologically advanced fertility processes.

Ridely Scotts, film noir; Blade Runner is a parody, as it revisits the past, mimics it,

and holds it up to ridicule. There are many religious and philosophical parallels and

connotations in the film. The film reflects

both the Judeo-Christian perspective, which views nature and human nature as

essentially fallen and tainted and the Postmodernist perspective, which observes

that the past must be revisited. Postmodernist Fiction author, Umberto Eco states,

The Postmodern view consists of recognising that the past, since it cannot be

Huxley, A, Brave New World, Chapter 1, pg.

Postmodernism and Blade Runner Sheets, pg 1

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