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When you read the title of this story, you expect Tony Kytes to be cool and calm under pressure, and a person who enjoys difficult situations. To determine to what extent he fits this bill, I must look at points that both support it and arguments that don’t. First I will deal with those that do support Tony being an arch-deceiver.

Firstly he does attempt to deceive all the women. He does this by letting them all ride on his wagon. This shows that he hasn’t made his who he wants to marry. He says, “…Not exactly,” when asked if he has settled it with Milly. This lie is an example of how he hides his indecision from the women quite well.

Another argument that supports Tony being an arch-deceiver is the speed at which he thinks up lies to avoid letting the women find out about the other women in the car. He thinks up lies such as, “O no, ‘tis the axle,” when asked about the squeaking of Milly by Hannah, and, “…I’ve really a couple of ferrets under there…” when asked about the squeaking again.

There are many arguments against Tony being an arch-deceiver. One is how nervous he is throughout the episode. He feels, “…A dim sort of sweat rising up inside his clothes.” This shows just how nervous he is about having three women on his wagon. He also stutters when talking to Hannah, saying, “N-no…” when asked about being engaged to Milly. This shows how nervous he is about lying to the women.

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He also doesn’t seem to enjoy the situation, like an arch-deceiver might. He prays, “…inwardly for a way out of this.” This shows that he does not want to be in the situation. He also looks for a way, “…Out of this ticklish business…” This again shows how much he really does not want to be in this situation. Because of his dislike of the situation, Tony gets off the wagon to ask his father for help. He says, “…What to do with ‘em I know no more than the dead!” This isn’t the talk or actions of an arch-deceiver, which strongly suggests that he isn’t one.

Another point that supports Tony not being an arch-deceiver is that he ends up giving the girls a lift in the first place. He doesn’t know how to refuse them politely. He says, “In that case-ah-of course you must come along wi’ me,” showing that he cannot refuse Hannah. His response to Unity is, “You don’t suppose I could refuse ‘ee?” again showing that he is unable to refuse a woman.

Tony is not proud or happy about what he is doing. His face is, “…As long as a face that was a round one by nature well could be.” Showing that he is in no way enjoying the situation that he is in.

Tony doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This isn’t the attitude of an arch-deceiver; who you would expect wouldn’t care. When he is speaking to Hannah, Tony tries to, “…Keep her from talking any more about love in Milly’s hearing,” showing that he doesn’t want to hurt any body.

In conclusion, I would say that Tony Kytes isn’t really an arch-deciver. In this situation, an arch-deceiver wouldn’t mind having three women in his wagon, and would probably want all of them. Tony is just confused and cannot decide which woman he wants and cannot refuse the other two.

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