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There are several main events which citizens of Uzbekistan celebrate every year. These holiday days are marked on the calendars with the red type and are the rest days. Of course, the New Year’s Day is the most important holiday. Formerly multinational Soviet people celebrated this holiday. Now this event is celebrated in all republics of the ex-Soviet Union. Not long ago the New Year’s Day in the Asian calendar was remembered in the republics of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan. This holiday falls on the 1 March called “Navruz” that is translated as “spring holiday” in English. But there is one special holiday yet which the people of republics of the ex-Soviet Union celebrate. It is Victory Day of the Soviet people over fascist Germany. The Day of Victory is a day of memory and thanks to the people who fought against fascism. I believe that the Victory Day is one of the important events for not only people of the ex-U.S.S.R. This holiday remains the important day for people of Uzbekistan. We would like to save this tradition as the part of the culture of Uzbek people.

The Day of Victory is celebrated on May in the honour of victory of the Soviet people and peoples of other countries over fascist Germany in World War II. In the Soviet Union this war is named the Great Patriotic War, which began on June , 141 and finished on May , 145. The holiday of Victory began from military parades and further continued by civil parades. These parades passed in Moscow, the capitals of Soviet republics, and the hero-towns of the Great Patriotic War. Some Soviet towns were named as “hero-towns”, because the Soviet soldiers fought especially persistently and enemy suffered big losses there. In other towns and settlements this holiday began from meetings and civil marches. Now the civil parades remain only, and military parades were forgotten. In this day people go to the graves of the people who perished in the War or to the monuments with flowers. On second half of Victory Day people gather at holiday table and at .00 p.m. a salute is fired in Moscow, the capitals of Soviet republics, and the hero-towns. I don’t find any barriers to celebrate Victory Day in the United States. American people celebrate Memorial Day, which is rather like our Victory Day.

Less and less people who took part in the Great Patriotic War remain today. I remember how the factories or educational institutions invited them to talk to the youth about the Great Patriotic War and how difficult this victory was achieved by Soviet people. Twenty million Soviet people perished in the Great Patriotic War. Young people must know that their grandfathers and grandmothers stood in the struggle for peace and against fascism. My father was a military flyer and was constantly invited to the Victory parades. Sometimes he took me in the military parade. I can say these events will be saved in my memory forever as the important ones.

Victory Day is an important part of our cultural tradition and our history. We must remember our history, save this tradition for children and for other generations. This tradition helps to avoid the repetition of history that is the actual problem now.

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Although Soviet people fought against fascist Germany under the guidance of the communist party of the U.S.S.R., this holiday is not communistic unlike November 7-8, the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russian, or unlike the military holiday on February , the anniversary of the Red Army.

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