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There are literally tens of thousands of books and articles written about how to manage or lead a company. It is hard to sort through the enormous number of models

and styles presented. Although one thing is clear, the future of management is on the move and is constantly shifting. The success of a company may be reliant on the ability to adapt to change and implement new management styles. The autocratic manager is passe.

Based on this culture change, companies are rushing to have their managers attend seminars and be retrained. Those companies that do not embrace the new wave are projected to be less productive and less successful. College graduates do their research when looking for prospective employers and seek careers with progressive thinking corporations.

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Management vs. Leadership

Management is to leadership is like black to white. Simply put they are opposites of one another. It is easy to understand why leadership is the preferred method of most organizations today. Leadership encourages harmony, directs energy toward guiding people to practical solutions and recognizes good performance. Good leaders promote self-esteem, form personal relationships and acts as a role models. The fear of retaliation for speaking out is eliminated and each employee is valued. A manager controls the workforce where the leader nourishes the environment and promotes growth. Again, it is hard to comprehend why any organization would settle for management as opposed to leadership given the choice.

The following comparisons were gathered from many different sources.

Manager Traits Leader Traits

Lacks imagination, creativity Influences thoughts/actions of others

Develops systematic goal selection Intuitive, empathic

Anxious when there is disorder Works best when things are disorderly

Sees world as relatively impersonal See world as full of color

Influences through logic, facts, reason Influences through evoking images

Views work as tolerable Views work as challenging/exciting

Focus how things need to be done Focus on what needs to be done

Concepts and Trends

Fast Company printed an article, “Rule # Leadership is confusing as Hell.” In March of 001 which debates why managers are not necessarily the monsters the leadership wave is making them out to be. First, Break All the Rules What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently (Simon & Schuster, 1) claims that great managers are the glue that hold organizations together. This is quite a different message than has been stated again and again that leaders are infinitely better. So is the leadership movement just a trend? No, leadership is here to stay, but I will say that in my opinion a healthy company needs the right balance of managers and leaders. Both managers and leaders serve an important role in the fast business world in which we live.

Emerging trends include but are not limited to; self managed teams, exercises and workshops to promote leadership, and companies embracing change. Self-managed teams are accountable for making and attaining goals.

They are also responsible for evaluating themselves and each other. Many companies give their employees the opportunity to participate in leadership programs. This proves that they see the value in raising the bar. The employees feel empowered by this trust. Ultimately, you have a more motivated and productive workforce. Companies are not as fearful in spending money to educate their employees to get new perspective. Risk taking has also become a popular tactic for the company on the cutting edge.

The Road Ahead

The four functions of management planning, organizing, leading and controlling will no doubt remain a permanent fixture in every company. The planning and organizing function has already changed due to technology. Cell phones allow businesses to keep in constant communication. The internet gives unlimited resources at the touch of a keyboard. Companies can plan and organize by having a website for their customers. All of these features have revolutionized the business world.

Leadership roles continue to change as companies realize how beneficial this style of management can be. Individuals and groups within the organization feel engaged, respected and empowered. The controlling aspect is pushed

down to the employees and they are accountible for performance measurements. They no longer feel like big brother is watching. When ownership is established, a higher level of productivity and quality results.


Companies of the future are open to removing barriers and taking risks. Fear can be detrimental. Strategically placing certain individuals in the organization can be key. Admitting failure and starting with fresh ideas is acceptable. However, certain fundamental functions need to be followed to build a good foundation. The future will always bring change and new ways of doing things. Creating and adjusting the vision is the Future of Management.

References Dessler, Gary. Management Theory, Practice, and Application. (00). Pearson Custom Publishing Boston

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