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As Walt Disney said, “ If you can dream it, you can do it”. When I think about the future, goals and the path in front of me, shiver goes through my body. It seems I am going through the same cycle that most people go. I even want to have a perfect dream and achieve it perfectly. The perfect dream in my mind are, going to the best computer animation university, having a perfect GPA, having a nice career and making a lot of money, being part of the million organizations in the world and having a perfect life which society model it for me. That is true that all the above goes through my mind and put a smile on my face, when I see myself achieve all of them. However, I know the enjoyment of achieving the above goals comes from the outside world and not inside me. For example, if I have life which society calls it a pure success and perfection all the people around me would admire me. They want to be part of with because mostly they were not able to achieve what I have. Basically, my enjoyment comes from the happiness of others for me. So the question is still in my mind. Do I have a goal, which people think it is a nice and normal goal? And, my answer for the first time is “NO”. My goal should be something that makes me and just me happy, and something that would give me motivation for life and future. This goal will be “to be myself”. By being myself I show that I don’t need all these guidelines and rules to be the best and what people admires. When I ask people who are they, they really cannot answer it. People try to define themselves by the jobs, achievements and the career they have. However, if I take all of those achievements, money, and career from people, they would not have single thing to represent themselves. These is all because they don’t know themselves and they never stop just one moment in the middle of achieving something to ask WHO AM I? I want to stop right now at this moment and think who am I and I try to find an answer everyday and that would be my goal. This goal helps me to be happy in life because I will know strengths, weaknesses, and every mystery about myself. That would me to achieve the goals easily because I would know what I would like and I wouldn’t like. I would enjoy the path of life more easily. The best part would be that I lived for myself and that would make me the happiest creature in the world. I will stop one minute from now on and think about me, Laleh, and I would try to find more mystery within myself. I believe that achieving this goal is much harder than achieve money or any other goal in life.

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