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Dear Sally,

I can understand your circumstance and totally respect that situation that you are in. In all honesty I cannot tell you what to do, but I can give you my opinion and a few suggestion to help you go about solving your problem. If I were in your “shoes” I would give thought to the pros and cons of leaving your job for the case of innuendoes and looks.

Life at times offer uncomfortable tests, and I am pretty sure that this is a test that you are going through, so stay encouraged and keep your head up high. The fact is that you do not have anything to worry about if you have sincerely turned away from your old ways. Know that your fellow employees will get the picture sooner or later.

Running away from your situations will not help you in any way. What would you do if you started work at another job and a new problem aroused? Would you quite that job too? Leaving this job will cause you to loose your benefits. What would you do if the next job did not offer the same benefits? What would you do if at your new job you have more benefits than at your previous job, but not the flexible hours? A piece of advice that I can give you is when the innuendoes and looks come your way, look your fellow employees in the face and give a “hello” accompanied with a wonderful smile.

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Who knows...once you pass this test you might get promoted to a higher position and will not have to deal with the innuendoes and looks. Think about it……

Best regards,

Editior A.

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