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There I was putting price on the new shipment that had just come in earlier that day when I was suddenly stunned by what I saw. I put my head up and dropped whatever I was doing to see these three girls walk in MY STORE in nothing but bathing suits. They were wearing no shoes, no shirts, no pants, NOTHING. Nothing but there bathing suits. They weren’t even wearing their bathing suits properly. This one girl, who looked like the leader of the pack, was wearing the straps of her bathing suits on her shoulders. These girls looked like slobs and they had some nerve coming into my store looking like that.

The day before today, I had put a sign in the front window of the store that said that all people coming into the store must be wearing shirts, shoes, and pants. They obviously didn’t see the sign or they saw it and didn’t bother to acknowledge it. At first I let it slide, because I thought they were only going to be shopping for a short time, maybe picking up one or two items for the beach. These girls then had the nerve to continue walking around my store looking the way they did. I tried to hold my composure and not worry about it, but I knew that if I let this slide, it s going to give my store a bad name and it will be bad for business.

So I finally went up to them and said something. I told them that they would either had to leave now or pay for whatever they had with them and leave. I told them that their was a sign in the window and they told me they didn’t see it. I knew they were lying right through their teeth. The leader of the pack was giving me dirty looks, and the other girls did whatever she did so they followed and started giving me dirty looks. I wasn’t in the mood to tolerate this, so I told them they would have to leave right away and not come back until they knew how to dress in my store.

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