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The letter that Rass mother wrote to hime told him of the news surrounding his sisters marriage toa very wealthy and prosperous man. While it was very sweet to inform him of the happy news, the letter had many underlying tones. His mother wrote him for the purpose of trying to keep him from succumbing to the evils of despair and pverty. She is very optimistic and hopes that her son also keeps hold of the good in this situation.

The letter mentions many times that Ras is our only hope, our only stay(page 8). Ras is a very educated person with once a job at a local university and the family looks up to hm beause being of such high education can be very prosperous. When he quit his job to keep to himself, his mother sent him money so he wouldnt become destitute. She calls Ras her one hope because he can being the family out of debt by teaching.

Towards the end of the letter, his mother mentions, I am afraid in my heart that you may have been visited by the new spirit of infidelity that is abroad today(page 8).During this period in Russias history, there was a great depression where many people lost their jobs and often resorted to crime, i.e. murder and stealing, to get by in this incredibly tough period. Rass mother is just being motherly by telling him that she feels he is turning into the other deperate people and that she knows he is much better than that. She also asks if he still says his prayers, as if this will keep him from the temptation of evil.

Rass mother wrote not only to share the joyous news but to also let her son know that he is not the only one being affected b this horrible depression. She wrote to try to keep his optimism up when she knew hes at his lowest. She wrote to keep her son from committing a crime which may shame the family. She wrote to keep him from the evils of the time, and also himself.

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