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Ever since humankind has walked on Earth women have been looked down upon ,because it has always been imprinted in everyones mind that men are superior then women. In this case, the stereotyping of women is in the business enviornment has greatly affected the job offerings given to women from the past to possibly the future. Women have been giving high ranking managerial jobs as of now, but only a certain percentage have made it as far as CEOs for big companies. This is do to pure fact of the Glass Ceiling, which is a business metaphor used to describe the way a woman can reach a certain level in a company and she could see beyond the level into a higher rank but she can never reach of acheive it. However, why is his phenomenon growing stronger? That is what I want to find out. I researched mostly on the internet and in the library to find out the factors leading towards the Glass Ceiling is not only do to the stereotyping of woman but also woman themselves and also their strategy in becoming a good manager.As stated by Katherine Bontrager, the staff writer for The Journal in Kansas City, the number of women-run business has increased.

As of 00, women-owned firms numbered 6. million(The Business Journal,page 1), meaning that we as women can make it in the business world, but the question is still at large, Can we over come the Glass Ceiling? Going through my research and seeing professional opinions on the Glass Ceiling has really opened my eyes and changed my attitude towards the way I look at the Glass Ceiling and how it came about. I would like have said that the only reason that the Glass Ceiling is, till this day, affecting women is because of the men in the organizations. But as I began my research and start reading up on some other factors leading towards the subject I began to see that women play a major role in the affects of the Glass Ceiling.

People are willing to hiring men as opposed to women because they do not get pregnant and ask for maternity leaf, now will companies have a problem getiing married and having to quit. Organizations look for someone who is strong enough to keep their game face on, so to speak, a strong individual who can be professional and also aggresive at the same time, these type of charcteristics are hard to find in a woman but are easier to look for in a man. As the business aspect looks at the situation, you are better of being secure that the person you hire is going to be there for a while, rather than trying to figure out what is going to happen in the future. So it is clear to me that women do attribute many factors to the Glass Ceiling, and even though I am a woman myself there are times wehn you have to think with your business mind rahter than trying to be fair. The also plays a major role in the Glass Ceiling , from the Freedom Riders to the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, and national origin. Katherine Bontrager alson found that, Hispanic women are three more times more likely to start a business than any other ethnic groups (The Business Journal,page 1), But how can this be? This is due to the great amount of migration of 00, ethnic groups of the same kind themselves creating a strong business because they sell goods that they used to get in their country and keep the same customers, it just so happens that a mass majority of those companies are owned by women. Although the conclusion may lead to be that the Glass Ceiling still and will always exist, but I believe that the strong women of this new generation will change everyones thoughts of the Glass Ceiling. Bontrager, Katherine. Women,minorities make progress but have miles to go before they reap. The Business Journal, OCtober 00 1-

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