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P McHenry

Physics II

Abstract Experiment I

In order to assess how valid it is to assume acceleration is constant an air track with a photogate was used to estimate a large cart?s velocity and acceleration at successive time intervals. Infrared radiation was emitted from the photogate and time intervals were collected as a large picket fence broke the infrared beam as the cart traveled through the photogate. This time data was collected along with the angle of the track and the positions where the infrared beam was broken. From the position and time data, x/t, t, and v were calculated. Then graphing x v. t, x/t v. t, and t v. v, acceleration was found by finding double the slope of the graph of x/t v. t. To assume the validity of constant acceleration we had to compare the actual and calculated values for the cart?s point of release. Then, the cart and the photogate were timed for three hours. This allowed you to find the terminal velocity and acceleration of all three graphs. After finding that you can find the slope for each graph by taking the slope using the formula change in y over change in x. Then taking this number and multiplying it by two. This gives you the slope of the graph. For the other graph just find the slope and dont multiply anything together because it is already the slope. After finding the slope the only other thing that you must find is the value for s. S is the distance of the release point to the tip of the photogate. The photogate just measures the time from when it first gets blocked by the picket fence until the last blockage of the photogate laser.

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