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Smokey Mc Pot

English-4th Period


And some there be which have no memorial. Who are perished as though they had never been and are become as though they had never been born, and their children after that. But these were merciful men, who’s righteousness hath not been forgotten.

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The Vietnam Wall, Arlington Cemetery, and The Tombs of the Unknown Soldier are all constant reminders of tributes to American heroes. This quote reminds me that there are many forgotten heroes. Heroes that have no wall, statue or tribute to them.

When I think back in history, I remember that I was taught about the important men and women and their contributions. Often times, these people could not have made their mark without the help of others. It takes more than one soldier to win a battle or more then one person to aid in the discovery of a new invention. History doesn’t intentionally leave out the works of everyone; however one person gets the credit. The first man that walked on the moon has been remembered years for this quote when he made that first step onto the moon’s surface. What about the people who built the rocket and guided them there? Where is their reward?

The phenomenon still exists in our society today. Think about the Super Bowl. After every game, a most valuable player is named. Most likely, this player had a great game, but didn’t win the game by himself. There was about fifty or so other players on that team that helped him achieve that goal. One man and one woman win the highest award for being the best actor and actress in a movie. They couldn’t have won without the help and support of the entire cast and crew. I’m sure that when a cure for cancer is discovered, that a doctor or scientist will receive great fame and fortune. What about all the other researchers? What about the family members who donated their loved ones bodies in the hope of finding a cure?

As I conclude, I realize that I might have sounded somewhat cynical in my approach. I do know that we all can’t be heroes. But, it doesn’t mean that the person behind the scenes hasn’t contributed to the cause just as much as the person that receives the glory. What matters is that the person who is honored remembers-they didn’t do it all alone.

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