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Character Scetches

GORGE Gorge is a great man. He was always looking out for Lennie,

even when Lennie would get more than enough to put up with,

he still looked for what best him. like how when the were out on the

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run the first time he told Lennie where to meet him in case of trouble.

He knew what scared Lennie and all that and he would always have

his back. Even in shooting him, it was to help him. Phisically he is an

average sized man, has the build of a worker I would imagine.The

role he plays in the book is Lennie?s companion. He looks after him.

the one person that would be there till the day he died, to help him.

which he was.Gorge was smart too, he always had a plan. Whether

it was to make money, to get that house, for Lennie to hide in the

brush. Always looking out, which I have stressed through out the

paragraph.Another good thing about him was that he was a worker

so he could always just go work on a farm or something if he needed

to which he did. The last good thing about him was that he

understood Lennie. He knew what he was really like as a person, and

he knew he never ment any harm.

It?s a bit hard to find three negative things about Gorge. He was

a really good man. I guess one thing was that he was kinda hard on

Lennie at times, but he kinda had to be. And he never ment to hurt

him, it was always just to get a point across. One thing which was

positive, but he should?ve done it was, he should have conversed with

Curley?s wife, when she needed somebody too. It?s really best he

didn?t though. The last negative thing is that he shot Lennie, even

though it was for his own sake.

LENNIE Lennie was also a great man. One of the best people you?ll ever

come by, he never wanted trouble. He always meant good. He was

very big and very strong. His heart also must have been enourmous.

He would always listen to Gorge which was best, because Gorge was

the only person he could really trust. Even though Gorge took care

of Lennie, Lennie cared very much for Gorge. Lennie loved

everything and saw good in all. Gorge was a good worker, and was

very capable of doing what he was told. He also knew right from

wrong, maybe not until he was told, but he always tried very hard

to stay away from the wrong.

Three negative things was that he was menatally handicapped.

He didn?t have sense of how much force to apply at what time.

which was the cost of many deaths, mice, a pup, even a human girl.

he didn?t know when not to speak, or what not to say, usually. He

let alot of people take advantage of him and mock him. Another thing

was he didn?t know where not to be unless he was told. It?s not really

negative but his love for soft things got him killed. ?Oh! That?s nice,?

and he stroked harder. ?Oh, that?s nice?

CANDY He seemed like a pretty good man. He was old, small, and only

had one arm. He loved to have animals,and never wanted to shoot

them when they get older. (read below for your own guidence)--------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE TO ONLINE USER all capital letters are the characters

being described. They are not part of

the previous sentences. They will be

with this mark signifying that the

essay is now talking about that

character. Paper was meant to be

written in format I am now writting in.

This is only a character outline. Use

to get a feel of the book/characters.

So sorry for the defect format. Good

luck with your paper, hope this helps!/TEXTAREA/td



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