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My Views on Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen¡¯s Pride and Prejudice is the most popular masterpiece among her six novels. It is an enchanting, sarcastic comedic literature work. As one of the most excellent novels written in English, and one of the wittiest, Jane Austen¡¯s Pride and Prejudice has delighted readers for nearly two hundred years. Up to nowadays, Pride and Prejudice is still very popular as one of the most outstanding world famous literatures all over the globe.

Pride and Prejudice is the very first classic literature that I have ever read in my life. When I read this marvelous book for the first time, I was just a middle school student. It has been many years since I firstly knew the story between lovely Lizzy and arrogant Darcy, but I am still impressed so much with the novel¡¯s interesting plots, colorful and vivid characters, and humorous entertaining dialogues. After watching the splendid, well-adapted BBC¡¯s mini series Pride and Prejudice, I became more fascinated about this book. Afterwards, I often review it. I do admire and appreciate Austen¡¯s distinctive writing style and I can always find out something new and amusing each time I read the book. Now, I have regarded Pride and Prejudice as one of my favorite books. It gives me so much pleasure and fantastic enjoyment.

The theme concerned with love, marriages and the uneventful stories that are full of balls, strolls, visits, teas, parties, letters and gossips in this novel seem not so complicated and exciting, but as a matter of fact, we can discover so many things through the descriptions of common lives in the country, the quick-witted funny conversations and the laughable behaviors of some ridiculous characters. Many sorts of love affairs and marriages out of different causes are very well described and they are the main subjects of this novel. These different types of marriages reflect people¡¯s different attitudes towards marriages at that period of time. Among these marriages, Jane Austen expressed her ideas about perfect marriage through Elizabeth and Darcy¡¯s story It is wrong to marry just for love or for money. An ideal love and marriage should be based on reason. Besides the love and marriage topic, Austen also offers social commentary on a wide range of subjects including women¡¯s social status and rights in her era, connections and boundaries between classes and many other things in this book. The nature of the everyday life of the middle and upper classes during the early 1th century in the countryside of England is portrayed and reflected so vividly in Pride and Prejudice. It is just like what Elizabeth said to Darcy ¡°People themselves alter so much that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.¡± Indeed, there is always something new to be explored when we read some classic literature works in the different period of our lives, and Pride and Prejudice is just one of these fantastic classics.

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Generally speaking, Austen¡¯s Pride and Prejudice offers a somewhat personal story in which the common life of small and big landlords and their families of upper-middle class in the English countryside is the setting for the extended courtship of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. The story takes place in a society in which women have to scramble to find husbands and struggle with the stumbling blocks of financial snobbery and class prejudice because of their low social positions.

In a sense, the novel is the story of some typical courtships and marriages those between Elizabeth and Darcy and Jane and Bingley are the major ones. Within them, there are some other smaller ones Mr. Collins¡¯s foolish failed wooing to Elizabeth, then followed by his ¡®practical but no-love¡¯ marriage to Charlotte Lucas; Miss Bingley¡¯s unsuccessful attempt to attract Darcy; Wickham¡¯s pursuit first of Lizzy, then of the never-seen Miss King, and finally elopement with Lydia, also including his evil-motivated failed plan to Miss Darcy; And, Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet¡¯s conventional marriage. Among these relationships, Elizabeth and Darcy¡¯s love and marriage is the most perfect one appreciated by the author. Their love and marriage is neither the romantic ¡®fall in love at the first sight¡¯ type like Jane and Bingley which is too emotional, nor the realistic ¡®with no love at all¡¯ type like Charlotte and Collins which is too practical. Their case is also totally different from Mr. and Mrs. Bennets¡¯ conventional but unhappy marriage and Lydia and Wickham¡¯s marriage based on physical attraction. Their love develops through lots of ups and downs and overcomes many difficulties and obstacles in the difference of social class, financial status, family background as well as their characteristics and attitudes towards each other. Therefore, their marriage based on reasoned love is the most ideal one in this book. Austen celebrates the ultimate triumph of this kind of true love based on reason over all impediments by giving Lizzy and Darcy a very happy ending after a long period of conflicting, understanding and attracting.

Through these courtships and marriages between the different roles with different social positions and financial status, the author not only shows her view of perfect love and marriage by emphasizing the power of reasoned true love to overcome financial problems, class boundaries and social obstacles; but also, she criticizes the hollow and ridiculous marriages based on the wrong roots. In the meantime, Jane Austen satirizes the class structure to some extent, highly criticizes the difficulties faced by women in English society in that time and sincerely expresses her sympathy for the tragic marriages and destiny of those women without a good fortune. In Pride and Prejudice, each courtship is a microcosm of different sort of attitude towards love and marriage Lizzy and Darcy¡¯s reasoned true love is one of the most cherished ones in English literature while Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins¡¯s ¡®practical but no love¡¯ marriage truly reveals many women¡¯s low social status and tragic fates in Austen¡¯s era.

In addition to these representative courtships and marriages that are the portraits of the class structure and economic connections in England during the early 1th century, I think Jane Austen¡¯s typical ironic and quick-witted language features are also the essential components to this greatly successful novel.

Pride and Prejudice is written in light, airy, sparkling prose, and its pages are full of quick-witted, immensely entertaining dialogues. Even Austen herself once feared that Pride and Prejudice, for all its popular appeal, maybe ¡°rather too light and bright, and sparkling,¡± to be considered a serious novel. Although we know, underneath the seemingly very sparkling language, the theme and the subjects concerned in this novel are quite serious.

There is very little physical description of the characters in Pride and Prejudice, so the reader¡¯s perception of them is shaped largely by their words. Austen uses dialogues as the typical instances of manners in which characters express themselves to reveal their personalities, traits, attitudes, and even shortcomings Elizabeth¡¯s witty remarks make her so lively and smart, while Mr. Collins¡¯s long and tedious speeches show him a most boring and stupid guy. The wonderful language filled with delightful mild satire and witty conversations in Pride and Prejudice makes the novel become a unique successful combination of wit, romance and sharp observation on human absurdity.

I myself particularly love the opening sentence of this novel It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Indeed this opening sentence can be claimed as one of the greatest and wittiest opening parts in English literatures. It sums up the main idea of the novel which is about love and marriage, sets up the tone of the whole book which is mild sarcastic and humorous, and shows Jane Austen¡¯s ironic and delicate writing style in such a short form. This sentence also has a subtle unstated meaning. In its declarative claim that a wealthy man must be looking for a wife, the real truth of such matter is hidden just beneath the surface a single woman without a good fortune must be in want of a husband, especially a wealthy one. Moreover, this sentence establishes the centrality of advantageous marriage in that period and also reveals the fundamental social values of England in the early 1th century.

These ironic humorous languages and brilliant intellectual conversations make so many memorable characters full of vivid lives. The uses of mild satire and irony are exceedingly well expressed through the superb hysterical dialogues and many moments full of fun in the story. Although the language used in Pride and Prejudice is the typical 1th century speech which might be a little more difficult to read than that of the contemporary literature works, once I get accustomed to it, it makes me taste and understand the book much better.

Furthermore, I take a lot of fun from those greatly interesting and hysterical characters in this novel. There are so many memorable figures who might be not ideal but quite human give me very deep impression clever and charming Lizzy, gentle and soft Jane, imperious and snobbish Lady Catherine de Bourgh, small-minded and ridiculous Mrs. Bennet, deceitful and immoral Wickham and so on. These characters with different backgrounds and financial status are the very good representatives of different classes in that time. They just stand for the whole English middle and upper-middle society in the early 1th century.

Among these wonderfully described characters in Pride and Prejudice, I regard Mr. Collins as a typical one of those funniest and most ridiculous roles. Mr. Collins is the target of Jane Austen¡¯s greatest satire. He is a pompous idiotic clergyman who stands to inherit Mr. Bennet¡¯s property, and he serves as a vehicle for Austen to criticize the practice of entailment at her epoch, by which the law forces Mr. Bennet to leave his property to such a foolish man instead of his own daughters. Mr. Collins also functions as another example of Austen¡¯s criticism of snobbery. He differs from Miss Bingley and Lady Catherine de Bourgh because he is not snobbish owing to his own rank; instead, he is snobbish by association. Therefore, in order to obtain more benefit, he tries his best to toady to Lady de Bourgh to get some beneficial associations. Rather than feel embarrassment at his stupid remarks and behaviors, he is full of self-importance because he is so proud of having a noblewoman with a large fortune as his patroness. Additionally, Collins¡¯s long, foolish speeches make him become a prime example of Austen¡¯s talent for making stupidity comical. His absurdity increases as the story progresses from his first dull letter, his ridiculous reply about his flattering remarks ¡°arise chiefly from what is passing at the time, and though I sometimes amuse myself with suggesting and arranging such elegant compliments as may be adapted to ordinary occasions, I always wish to give them as unstudied an air as possible¡± to his absurd self-introduction to Mr. Darcy and his obtuse proposal to Elizabeth. In my opinion, Mr. Collins is one of the most successfully described characters in Pride and Prejudice. He is the worst combination of snobbishness and obsequiousness. Jane Austen¡¯s talent for satire and irony is displayed so vividly and incisively through this comedic figure.

Jane Austen is one of the greatest masters of the English language, and Pride and Prejudice is her great masterpiece, a sharp and witty comedy of manners played out in the early 1th century English society. This marvelous novel has been considered as one of the best literature works of the nineteenth century not only because it encompasses Austen¡¯s wonderful use of irony and satire, witty and humorous dialogues and so many colorful vivid characters; but also because through these hysterical memorable characters and talented sarcastic language, Austen takes a serious and thorough look at human nature in a humorous entertaining way and gives vivid life-like pictures of the life and manners of the upper middle class in rural English society in that period. Although the novel¡¯s scenery is limited within well-appointed homes and estates; nevertheless, its exploration of the human nature is unlimited.

Pride and Prejudice is very much of its times, set at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 1th century, but its timelessness has been proved by its popularity among the generations of readers in almost two hundred years. Now, there is no doubt that Jane Austen¡¯s great Pride and Prejudice is indeed a masterpiece of wit and satire, and it is a marvelous classic for all the ages. I have learned and enjoyed so much by reading this novel, and I am sure more and more people will also favor it in the future.

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