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Italianate Style


1 Isabella St. Perth

The Italianate style emerged in the 180s. It outlasted other emerging styles of the time like Gothic Revival, until the 1870s. This style can be defined by things like square towers, asymmetrical plans, broad roofs, large verandas, round or segmentally arched windows, ornate brick work, foliate brackets, double doors, two over two double hung sash windows, and polychromatic brickwork.

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The building I have chosen is the Italianate style, but on a symmetrical Georgian frame.

The first thing I notice about this building is the column support triangular pediment followed by the double semi-circular sash windows below the semi-circular headed louvre which is contained by a open triangular pediment. The overall effect of all these elements stacked upon each other is quite striking.

The tin roof is truncated hip, with three chimneys. The overhang appears to be supported by brackets and dental work.

The brickwork of the building shows a tasteful mastery. The double projection belt course which flows into segmentally and semi-circular headed arches is amazing. Below the center windows on the second floor is some recessed brick, followed by a belt course of diagonally placed brick. This is pure Italianate brick style.

Lights are in four distinct categories A small louvre opening, two over two double hung sash windows, single sash windows, four over four double hung sash windows, and finally two clones of the louvre with glass in the doors. The bounced bay windows which mirror the wood detailing on the roof are not normally associated with this style, but do look good.

The doors are framed by nice woodwork on a classical veranda.

Queen Anne Style


0 North St. Perth

The Queen Anne style emerged in 1876 at an exhibition in Philadelphia. This styles defining characteristics were the bay windows, projecting oriels, broken up roof lines, cut and molded brickwork, terracotta, and general decorative excess. The floor plan was usually an L shape with a veranda. Towers and spindles were also not uncommon on this style of building, although less popular in Canada. The roofs were usually steep and hipped, with tall chimneys.

This building exhibits features of a Vernacular Queen Anne building. The open pediment at the top of the bay window and the triangular pediment on the portico are both elements of this style, as well as containing the sunburst pattern, which is very predominant in all Queen Anne pediment detailing.

The two story bay window is an excellent example of a psuedo-tower, as many Queen Anne structures do contain a tower.

Segmentally headed arches and stone lintels on the openings is opulent touch to the building.

Second Empire


6 Drummond St. Perth

This styles most striking feature is the mansard roof, named after Monsieur Mansard, architect to Louis XIV (R.A.J. Phillips, 176). The roof had slate shingles commonly, often containing colored patterns and placed diagonally. Iron cresting was not an uncommon addition to the roof line. Clapboard siding was common, as well as brick. Second Empire is much like Victorian in its oppulent ornamentation. Towers were common, though not serving any real purpose. Pedimented, and pitch roofed dormers were used to light the attic or tower. The openings are all framed in ornate woodwork and possess classical elements to a degree with segmentally, or semi-circular arches. Windows were either two over two double hung sash windows, or one over one. Bay windows were also an option for the architect. Double doors were the standard for this style, with a transom light above. A veranda is a standard feature, almost always containing ornate wooden bracketing.

This building contains all the most distinct Second Empire features with its mansard roof and two mock towers. The pedimented dormers on the attic are a distinguishing characteristic. There is also a shed roof dormer in the middle and a semi circular pediment on the back right side.

The elaborate projecting and recessing brickwork, the modest cornice and the wooden detailing on the veranda are all characteristics of Second Empire.

The bay windows contain segmentally headed arches containg four over four double hung sash windows. The middle of the second story contains a semi-circular headed light which is also appropriate.

The use of white trim as a unifying decorative element is what brings the style of this house together and makes it Second Empire. This white trim is on every window, on the veranda and most strikingly, on the roof lines, showing us the angles of the mansard.

Edwardian Style


6 Alexander St. Perth

This style is a Post-Victorian type of architecture. It is usually red brick in an L layout. The most striking feature is the lack of ornamentation framing very pleasing proportions. Although some classical elements may be included the brickwork is simple and clean. There is an emphasis on the cornice throughout the building.

This building is a good example because its a Victorian structure stripped of its pretentious decoration.

Although it has rectangular shape, this building is not symetrical. The entrance is on the right side in the form of a mock veranda. This is keeping with the style of less is more. The enclosed brick front porch with its large band of single pane windows is a classic Edwardian feature, as is the truncated hip roof.

We have six over six double hung sash windows in a simple wooden frame that is totally Edwardian. Also the hipped dormer containg three lights could be found on any post-Victorian building and is a simple elegant feature.

The mock veranda with two columns and two pilasters is very Edwardian, as these buildings always contained a classical reference.

Art Moderne Style


8 Gore St. Perth

This style was very popular in the 10s. It can be said to have a horizontal emphasis, in a cube or rectangular shape. Crisp lines, with large windows, and a flat roof, this style seemed to come from the future. There is little to no ornamentation and the window and door frames are usually steel or aluminum. Ashlar stone in lighter tones is the preferred building material. It also contains pure classical elements at times, as it originated in the Bauhaus movement. This building style was so popular it changed the design of everything from jewelry to appliances of the time.

This downtown Perth structure exemplifies all the features of Art Moderne.

The horizontally emphasized shape, the minimal classical touches, large windows and crisp lines are all elements of this style.

The flat roof is essential to any Art Moderne building, and this structure has just that. As well there is a peaked fa├žade with such a shallow peak it further emphasizes the horizontal dimension.

The simple clean carving at the top is another natural extension of this style. Unlike Art Deco which would contain decorative carvings, this building contains essential structure information.

The broad suggested entablature with its large cornice is a classical element incorporated into this building, within the ashlar stone. This leads the eye to the suggested columns that are holding it up. These stone pilasters are large and distinct but camouflaged into the building, not breaking up its clean modern look, but accentuating it.

The large one over one double hung sash windows give the building a lighter look. The mirrored entrance on either side of the building is indicative of the style. Although symmetry is not essential to this style, it usually is used to balance and define Art Moderne commercial buildings, residential is another matter. These entryways have bracketed hoods accentuating them, which is fitting with this style.


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