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When the designer was conceiving this product he/she wanted a device that would be useful for professionals, who would use it on a day to day basis, and for home D.I.Y. He/she wanted a product that would bore cylindrical holes with ease through all surfaces, wood, masonry and metal. The designer would have considered the following.

i. The product should be easy to use and appealing to those intimated by D.I.Y and machinery, with easy to follow instructions.

ii. Although it is simple and easy to use there should be advanced options concerning the drill, with extra features for a wide range of tasks, for professional use as opposed to home D.IY- see features.

iii. The product should not be cumbersome to hold and not too heavy so tit is easy to lift and drill in high places without unnecessary strain. There could be a side-adjusting handle to enhance stability and ease of operation..

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iv. Ensure that the level of sound pressure of the tool is in accordance with EEC legislation.

v. It should be easily recognisable as a “Black and Decker product”-simply by keeping the product in accordance with their colours (green black and orange) as shown below;

Materials For the main body of the product the designer has wisely chosen a hard durable plastic. This is an ideal chose because it is light and protects the inner electrics. The drill piece and chuck are essentially steel, this ensures that will not snap under the pressure nor will it wear away leading to less precise holes.

These parts and all other external metal parts are double insulated from the main power i.e. they are electrically insulated. Placing insulation barriers between the electrical and mechanical components making it unnecessary for the tool to be earthed does this. This product is made from injection moulding, which is done as follows;

Stage 1-Granulated or powdered thermoplastic plastic is fed from a hopper into the Injection Moulding machine.

Stage -The Injection Moulding machine consists of a hollow steel barrel, containing a rotating screw. The screw carries the plastic along the barrel to the mould.

Heaters surround the barrel melt the plastic as it travels along the barrel.

Stage -The screw is forced back as the melted plastic collects at the end of the barrel. Once enough plastic has collected a hydraulic ram pushes the screw forward injecting the plastic through a sprue into a mould cavity.

The mould is warmed before injecting and the plastic is injected quickly to prevent it from hardening before the mould is full.

Stage 4-Pressure is maintained for a short time to prevent the material creeping back during setting (hardening). This prevents shrinkage and hollows, therefore giving a better quality product.

The moulding is left to cool before removing (ejected) from the mould. The moulding takes on the shape of the mould cavity.

Safety and maintenance

When using this product there are instructions you must follow to ensure the your safety;

This product must not be used in certain environments for example it should not be exposed to rain, and should not be exposed to wet or damp locations. These conditions could force the drill to slip.

Do not allow children near this product; don’t let them touch either the tool or the extension cord.

You should dress accordingly-do not wear loose or baggy clothing or any hanging jewellery, in terms of footwear you advised not to wear slippery shoes. You also must wear safety glasses.

Make sure you read instructions and understand what tools do what job. Do not force small tools to do a heavy-duty job.

When using this product you should not overreach and keep good footing and balance. When working you should secure your work with use of a vice or clamp.

Do not carry any electrical devices with your finger on the trigger while product is plugged in. To ensure your safety furthermore turn switch off when plugging in.

Finally when you use this product, watch what you are doing, use common sense and do not operate when tire.

Mains plug replacement

If the plug should need replacing and you feel that you are competent to do this, then simply follow the instructions;

Disconnect the plug from the mains power supply

Cut off the plug and dispose of safely. A plug with bared copper is very

dangerous if engaged in a live socket.

The cable wire colours , or a letter, will be marked at the connection point of

most good quality marked plugs. Attach the wires to their respected points the

plug. Brown is L(live) and blue is N(neutral).


The on off switch is used to operate

your drill in all modes of operation.

The variable speed control provides

optimal control of your drill for a wide

range of tasks.

The lock-on button provides continuous

operation of your drill.

the side handle gives a secondary

gripping position for your drill.

Your drill can operate as a hammer

drill or as a rotary drill depending on the

setting of the hammer/ drill switch.

The forward /reverse switch controls

the direction of the rotation when your

drill is used as a screwdriver, or when

clearing a jammed drill bit.

The adjustable depth stop gives precise

control of the hole depth, when drill blind



I wanted to get other views on this product to see what the users felt about it, I lent the product to families and;

Family 1, “I thought the product was easy to use, efficient and I would definitely consider buying it!”

Family , “ We felt that although it was easy and efficient at its job, it was hard to use in tight spaces, I feel I would need a product that is more compact, but would look out for a newer edition maybe.”

Family , “My wife ,who used the product ,complained to me that it was a terrible nuisance that you always had to be within 5 metres of the mains switch. I saying that she was very positive about it, commenting that the added features came in very handy.

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