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Racial Profiling

The topic of racial profiling is a risky one because of the person doing the profiling may be considered a racist. Over the years racial profiling has had several advantages and several disadvantages. I am not a racist and I plan on taking a neutral stance when talking about this subject. Racial profiling has been around forever and to be saying that it has only happened to the blacks is ludicrous. All nations do it and probably will continue doing it. It has been around this world ever since there has been a dispute.

The first problem is the fact that the policeman cannot be controlled on his views of race and that how he may enforce his views. Everyone knows that if there is a racist policeman, there is not much you can do to stop him from pulling over a large number of minorities. Once a cop has pulled over several people of the same race for one reason he becomes accustomed to it and starts to think that most of this specific race does it and then stereotypes the race. The cops say that racial profiling is a way to lower crime by catching these races in the act of a crime.

The United States government uses profilers to solve cases all of the time. They profile a serial killer, rapist, and etc… to predict his size, race, height, mental state, and many other things too. The profilers use statistics based on each crime they are trying to profile. When a suicide bomb is detonated in the Middle East it most likely to be a Islamic fundamentalist trying to prove a point. This tactic has been used for years but has never been persecuted as widely as the traffic stops. The random traffic stops are valuable to occasionally stop a car that is suspicious or the driver is suspicious.

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Right after World War II the United States government rounded up the Chinese and Japanese people in fear of them being spies for their countries and they were held there for the duration of the war. Even though I do not agree with this case during war all rights are suspended because it gives the government to get into stuff to try to win the war and do what they have to do.

One place where the statistics do not lie is on the border between Mexico and the United States. When looking at the statistics, it is apparent the authorities prevent more and more illegal immigrants from entering the country illegally. Each year, the percent of change from the last year is not always very large, but it is a great difference. One aspect to note though is that the immigration numbers vary from season to season. Also, even though the amount of illegal immigrants being caught is steadily rising, there are more illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country. So, the number of deterred illegal immigrants has risen, but so has the number of illegal immigrants successful in their attempt to enter the country. However, the Border Patrol is constantly fine-tuning their practice, and as the statistics show, every year, they are more successful.

That is why when we are forced to look at the statistics we cannot lie. The statistics show it is effective in some areas and not so effective in other areas. Racial profiling is a risky idea but I feel as long as it is working in some area that we should continue doing it.


Southwest border statistics




drug trafficers

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