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Throughout history, many writers have written books that are set in the world of food and enhanced with numerous recipes. Thomas Fox Averill wrote the Secrets of the Tsil Caf�, in which he uses food to connect one character to another. Weston’s life experiences are relevant through the end of the novel, and became important in Weston’s development. Therefore, the maturity in Wes Hingler was the result of experiences within his family.

Weston’s early sexual maturity was caused by the sexual exposure he had as child. Weston’s sexual maturity began at the age of 1, when he first witness Pablito and Cocoa, two employees of the Tsil Caf�, having sex passionately. In this sexual act, Weston became “mesmerized by Cocoa’s creamy brown breast, and by the way Pablito gently touched them” (Averill 0). As a result of this experience, Weston lost his innocence as a child and began having the desire to act like Pablito. In addition, Wes and his father witness Maria Tito Hingler having sex with Pablito. Furthermore, not only does he witness his mother having sex with Pablito, but becomes aware that his father, Robert Hingler, is having sex with Cocoa. During Weston’s development from adolescent to adulthood he had the notion that Pablito and his parent’s sexual behavior was normal in life. Consequently, Weston was not even sixteen when he had sex with Misty, and kept it a secret from his parents.

Weston’s relationship with is father had a mayor influence in his maturity. Robert Hingler was extremely authoritarian with Wes because Weston states that his father “had recipes, and he stuck to them, and the customer was expected to adapt to his ingredients…to his menu. The same with me” (Averill ). His father never took into account Weston’s opinion or desires. For example, when Weston and his mother became aware of his father intimate relationship with Cocoa, Wes was sick and wanted to rest; however, his father told him that they both had to leave and that they were “in this together, like it or not”. Nevertheless, Robert Hingler uses, Weston, as a food messanger during his separation with his wife.

Carson Flinn played an important role in Weston’s development to adulthood. Carson was optimistic about Weston’s future. He encourages Weston to finished school because he had the potential to have a bright future; however, it would be difficult to obtain it without a high school degree. In an argument between Weston and Carson, Weston stated that “‘I didn’t drop out of high school because I was stupid.’ ‘You were stupid to drop out,’ said Carson Flinn, ‘but I know you’re not stupid.’ ” (Averill 186). Consequently, one mayor accomplishment that Weston achieved was getting his, G.E.D. In addition, Carson Flim supported Weston’s decision to attend college in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Furthermore, Wes becomes self-dependant. Carson acknowledged his independent by telling him “that’s why Pablito and Teresita like you. You’re dependable” (Averill 186). Finally, the critic, Carson, ultimately becomes like abridge offering Wes possibilities to critique and to be able to contractedly critize is parent’s food without prejudice.

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Weston absorbs a rich variable of influences and emotions that become essential in his maturity. From childhood to adulthood, Weston was exposed to different types of people, food and beliefs. Weston’s mother, Maria Tito Hingler cooked the finest Italian food from lasagna to her famous torte-tart. His father, Robert Hingler, cooked mainly indigenous foods like Napole Cactus Tamal. However, not only did he grow up around different kinds of dishes, but also with a mixture of cultures around him. For example, Pablito and Conseca were Mexicans; the farmer, Juan, taught him how to plant peanuts. Juan told Wes that “you grow when you practice to become a man,” therefore he forces Weston to cultivate peanuts, so he could learn the process and to become patient.

Experiencing Grandma Maria Tito’s death allowed Weston to understand the value of life and escalate to a new level of maturity. Weston was extremely hurt when his grandma died. However, his family demonstrated the opposite; they did not pay much attention to the fact that Grandma Tito had just died. While Maria and Roberto were able to cater to the guest and celebrate Robert’s 50th birthday, Weston could not get his mind off the fact that his grandmother was dead in the basement. Weston recalls that “I couldn’t pretend everything was all right. I could think only of Maria Tito, lying as I’d seen her, eyes open and staring. Or maybe my mother had shut her eyes” (Averill 55). This experience was a stepping stone in Weston’s mental development. It was Weston’s first experience facing death, while his parents probably had faced death before. Experiencing death makes a person value life. After Weston’s grandmother passes away, the reader is able to see a positive transition in Weston’s life.

In conclusion, Weston’s maturity evolves from life experiences had throughout his life. As a child Weston was exposed to sexual conduct when he witness Pablito and Cocoa having sex, mother and pablito and his father with cocoa; this scenes made Weston mature sexually earlier.


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