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1. One of the fundamental beliefs true in romanticism is the belief in the natural goodness of humanity.

The idea that man, in a natural, uninfluenced state, would behave well is almost always true in works of romanticism. It is society and its rules that influence and change us from our natural state and may sometimes lead us to make some bad decisions. So, if man follows his heart, he will more likely be following goodness and if he follows his mind then he may stray from his path of goodness. Also, common people will usually express their goodness more than those who belong to the noble class. Nevertheless, man always has a benevolent, unselfish, and caring side that will always exist whether or not it is expressed.

. Romanticism shows that emotions and feeling are more important than and always overrule reason and rationality.

People tend to pay more attention to how they feel rather than what they think. For instance, the feeling of love cannot be explained but it is a force stronger than thought and any other feeling and people almost always respond to it. Reason and thought do not rule the brain and emotions can easily take over a person’s brain as well as their body. Emotions can affect people more strongly than any other feeling or thought can. As a result, people listen to their feeling more than they will ever listen to their mind.

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. Romantic works of literature often express a mood of pleasant melancholy.

Melancholy is a feeling of gloom or sadness that is usually balanced out with a feeling of hapiness.Although love is something that usually brings about happiness, there are also some things about it that can bring about sadness. In romantic works, love usually brings about both emotions at the same time. Although something sad may be happening, romantic characters usually naturally follow the things that make them happier and prevail in the end. There is always a balancing act of good and bad things that bring about certain emotions in works of romanticism.

4. Romantic literature usually expresses a belief in individaulism.

Individualism is the belief that the primary importance in determining the judge of character of a person is the person’s virtues, beliefs, and morals rather than what he or she represnts or looks like. In other words, a man is acceptable if he is virtuous and morally just regardless of if he’s poor or looks devious. The reader of a romantic story usually is forced to judge a person by his or her essence rather than his or her status. A person’s background doesn’t dictate how that person will be in life. How someone is on the inside ultimately determines what kind of person they are.

5. Romantic authors usually also express that people can change and that spiritual and moral progress is possible.

Where a person came from or how they were brought up doesn’t ultimately dictate what kind of person he or she will grow up to be. People in life change because of society and learn what is right form what is around them. If a person is surrounded by hate and violence as a child and grows up later surrounded by love and care, that person will learn right from wrong and probably end up doing what they believe is right. A person can also change spiritually in a positive way because man is naturally benevolent. If a person is malevolent, they will always have a benevolent side that they can allow to open up and change them.

6. In romantic writing, honest, deeper subconcious feelings do more to people than thought.

Unexplainable, subconcious emotions provide the basis for romanticism. Love, benevolence, and the existence of a conscience all cannot be explained by reason, yet they exist and are strong forces. They dictate our actions more than reason, logic, and thought do. People can ignore what they think,but they cannot ignore what they feel. Emotions are irrational and unexplainable and they strongly influence our decisions and actions.

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