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As you can see from figure 18, at sites 15 and only cars passed. At site 10 only bicycles passed. At the other sites on the graph, most of the vehicles were cars. More than 75% of vehicles were cars at all of the other sites except for site 8, which had 67% cars. At all of the sites that didn’t have 100% cars, lorries passed but in different proportions. Site 1 had 11% lorries, site 8 had %, site 7 had 15%, site 6 had 5% and site 5 had 1% of lorries. Buses were only counted at sites 6 and 5. Bicycles were counted at sites 5 (4%), 6 (5%), 7 (%), 8 (7%) and site 10 where every vehicle was a bicycle. A motorcycle was counted at site 1 and a tractor was counted at site 8.

I think that site 10 only counted bicycles because the road there is very small and narrow so cars prefer to take a different route. The road that the survey was taken on only led to a hiking and outdoor pursuits shop there that would attract cyclists. Only cars were counted at site because there is a road out of Grassington at the top of the road where the survey for site was taken. It was also a very narrow and awkward road to drive a bigger vehicle down. Site 15 was down a small side road between some shops. The road did not lead to anywhere and was probably used by cars that were parking or turning around. Buses and lorries did not use this road because it did not lead to anywhere and would probably not fit down it. Buses were only spotted at sites 5 and 6 because they were situated next to Hebden Road, which is a road that buses use. Buses do not enter the main square of Grassington and if they do, they do not go further than sites 5 and 6 as the roads in Grassington are small and twisty and difficult to drive a bus down. Quite a lot of bicycles were spotted because Grassington is a place that many people visit to go cycling because there are good views and lots of good routes for cyclists. Many families would come for a day out to cycle as well as shop and visit the tourist attractions. Most of the vehicles in Grassington were cars because there is a car park in the centre of the main square and the roads are small and difficult to drive bigger vehicles around in.

My hypothesis was proved correct.

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