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᠊᠊Africa is a very big country with different tribes.The music of black Americans has its roots in Africa. People in Africa, like people in the whole world, SING, DANCE and PLAY INSTRUMENTS. Africans use music in their jobs, playing games, to perform in their ceremonies and in their jokes. To the Africans, music is very important in their lives. Africans use to play their music with DRUMS, RATTLES and BELLS.


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GHANA- has many different tribes, languages and music traditions. The three main instruments of GHANA are the rattles, bells and drums.


A rattle is a hollow gourd with a web of shells and stones on outside. It is not played alone. African rattles were known to have existed since the days of the ancient kings of Nigeria. Rattles are still used in Africa. There are two types of rattles, one is called AGBE and the other one is called SHEKERE which were made in Nigeria. RATTLES are grouped and played in sets , as the drums. Only professional musicians may have their own AGBE.


BELLS have different sizes. They also have different pitches. LARGE=low pitch. SMALL= high pitch.[This is used at weddings & funerals.]DOULDE � AGOGO = Two bells joined together different sizes.

TOKEI- small toco , like a shape used in songs.


Drums are very important in African music. African drums are of many sizes and have different shapes. There are two types of drums; LOG- DRUM & BARREL. The large drum has a lower pitch, the small one has a higher pitch.



A LOG DRUM is made from hollwed,[out log] . The log drum is played with sticks shape.The log drum is used for entertainment & holiday times.


A BARREL uses many pieces of wood to makethe drum. It is also played with a shape stick. The barrel is played for long distance comunication.


Short drum with lots of strings attached to the skin. It is played under the arm, ᠇



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