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There has never been a time when my grandmother wasn’t with me, helping me in any way she could. She left everything she ever had in Mississippi to come help my mother with me, the moment I was born. From then on she dedicated all of herself to making my life the best it could be. As I grew up and her time with me was less, her dedication was not. I know that there will never come a day when she is not willing and wanting to listen to my problems or forfeit anything she is able to for me.

My mother had me when she was nineteen in Greenville, North Carolina. At the time y grandmother lived in Mississippi, with her family and friends. Although she knew her involvement was much needed, she understood and respected that the everyday upbringing was the responsibility of my mother. So she decided to leave her life in Mississippi and buy a house in Greenville; that way she would be closer to help my mother. For the first years of my life my grandmother saw me everyday. She also helped financially, making sure my mother had enough money for food, clothes, and all other needs of a growing baby. As I got older and my mother became more capable of raising me on her own, my grandmother began just seeing me on Mondays. Every week she would take me to dinner and a movie. I would stay at her house, and then early the next morning we would get up and go to breakfast before she would take me to school. Some times she would also come get me on the weekends to take me to the river to go camping all weekend. Throughout the next eight years, until I was thirteen, these weekly trips to Grandmother’s house continued. Now, even though I am older and do not see her every week, I know that I can count on her to be here for me at anytime, and that because of her I have grown into the person I am today, a responsible, considerate lady.

There are few people in this world that I have been able to go to with any of my problems and count on to just listen to what I had to say, or few people that I could go to with a crisis and count on to not judge me but help me. My grandmother has always been the one person that has been capable of this. Whenever I had a problem, whether it was as simple as boy problems or has difficult as family conflicts, she was always only a phone call away. For instance, not too long ago she was at her house, now in Washington, thirty minutes from Greenville, and she had just gotten home from a long day at work. I was upset about my parents getting separated so I called her. Although she had had the worst day at work and little sleep the night before she was in her car in less then five minutes on her way to come talk with me. When she got here she didn’t act as if she was tired, or for one second made me feel as if what I was saying wasn’t important. Instead she just sat in front of me, listening and allowing me to cry on her shoulder. In the end she knew that there was no advice needed and I was ready to be left alone. So, she gave me a kiss, told me that she loved me, and got up and drove back home. She knew that the only reason I had called was that I needed for someone to listen to me cry, and she could have easily done that over the phone, which would have been much better for her. However, that wasn’t good enough for her even though it would have been good enough for me. Whenever I have made a bad decision and strayed from my path my grandmother has been right next to me; however, she didn’t remind me of my faults or criticize, but instead she reminded me of my good nature and helped me find my way again. One time that this really sticks out in my mind is about three yeas ago. I was fifteen, and one of my friends and I were staying at her house. My friend’s boyfriend at the time was seventeen. We decided that at around 100 a.m., an hour after my grandmother went to bed, we were going to sneak out of the house. We didn’t go too far or get into any trouble; however, about thirty minutes after we left my grandmother woke up to find us gone. When we got home at around 10 am she was waiting up for us. Instead of yelling at me or lifting her hand at me, she asked me to come up to her room to talk to her. She sat up there for an hour talking to me alone asking me why I had done this and asking me if I had considered her feelings when I was considering my own. She showed me that although sneaking out was simply having a good time to me there were many more dangers to it, and that even without the dangers it had driven her crazy with worry. Afterwards she knew that I had really learned my lesson about what I had done, and that I had really opened my eyes to the situation. The next day when my mother came to get me my grandmother decided to keep the night before a secret between just us. My grandmother never tried to judge me or tell me what I should do in any situation, but instead she taught me to grow from every situation by listening to me and letting me learn on my own what I needed to do.

Mary James, to everybody else she is my grandmother, but to me she is Granny Mary, the purist strongest, and most admirable person I know. Out of all the people I have had help me grow and become the mature young lady I am today, she is the one I am most thankful for. The day I was born my grandmother moved from Mississippi to North Carolina, leaving everything she had behind in order to come help raise me. Her sacrificing her life for mine with out a blink of an eye, and her wonderful listening skills are the two things that make her the person I choose to be the most significant person in my heart.

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