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Aristotle A definition of Justice

Which form of government will best serve the state as well as the people? Is it the many? Maybe it is the wealthy? Could it possibly be the few, the best, the good, or the most feared? For ages we have been trying to find an answer to these questions. Well, perhaps it isn’t meant to be just one of these categories, but a mix of all societal groups together. Today, we are still fighting this endless battle about forms of government that great minds of the past pondered, and had yet to truly master.

According to Aristotle, having only the “few and the wealthy” rule is unjust. He was a believer in the majority coming together to form an alliance involving all people and giving everyone the same rights and opportunities. He was a more modern thinker in this way; he didn’t believe that just privileged citizens should be making decisions for the whole society. In his essay he wrote “For the many, of whom each individual is but an ordinary person, when they meet together may very likely be better than the few good, if regarded not individually but collectively…” This statement basically sums up his belief that the majority or a democratic government would be the best approach. In Aristotle’s opinion the more people in charge, the more options there will be to choose from to make a perfect unit. For example, if an artist were painting a picture of the most beautiful person, they would take the lips of one person and the eyes of another and so on. He/She would pick each characteristic separately to make a dazzling portrait. That is what a democratic government would do. It would give us the most power because we would only be using the strongest points from each person or structural level.

Ages have past since Aristotle’s time, and today we now have moved passed monarchy and oligarchy, into a democratic society within America. This form of government brings equality to all people, giving everyone a fair chance at a decent life. However, democracy still has imperfections, given that we still have several traits that can closely relate us to an oligarchy. The fact that we have such a small percentage of people making decisions daily about laws and policies that society must abide, is one main factor. In reality though, it would be impossible for each person to vote on every small detail. But isn’t this what it means to be democratic, to have complete control over your own life? We have to face reality though, to stay away from utter chaos we need to have some sort of governmental structure to follow. Society needs to have people that are the spokesmen for them and their rights. Therefore, we need someone voted into office that has the best interest of all the citizens. This is indeed a difficult task because we want to choose the best or the wisest person. I believe in order to do this we need to start looking in a wider array of directions. Wisdom comes with experiences both bad and good, and as humans, we should be more accepting of others mistakes and admire the fact that they have learned from it, and are now moving on.

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Even with all these points against it, I like democracy because it is much safer for ordinary people. The governmental structure is broken up between local, state, and federal level to ensure a balance of power. Also, by splitting the power between more than just the “few and the wealthy” you make less enemies, therefore keeping peace between all people. Besides, nobody is made to have supreme power over others, that is what God is for.

Our power may not compare with God, but through the years America’s government has become increasingly strong and powerful. We are very capable standing on our own and uniting together when necessary. Although it is not impossible to fall back into an oligarchic society, it is highly unlikely in this day. One reason that it could possibly happen, was if the stock market crashed. Only a small amount of people would have access to large sums of money leaving them in a position of much power. As in Frederick Douglas’s essay, they could start out pleasant and turn evil as his owner did. Then, all trust and strength would be gone, and we would become very vulnerable.

I have grown up in a time where liberties are handed out and I take all my freedoms for granted. It doesn’t occur to me that it all could change in a blink of the eye. I assume our government will stay strong, and not crumble, even under enormous pressure. After writing this paper, I wonder just how strong our government really is. Would it be able to withstand much of a beating? I hope the day never comes where we turn more and more into an oligarchic society than we already are. I suppose, only time will tell.

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