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Throughout the story of Beowulf we meet the character of Grendel. We are going to analyze his character in the story. We are going to see how he is characterized in the story. If you have not read the story, here is a little refresher course. Grendel is a very evil monster that terrorized the town where the Danes lived. Grendel would come to the mead-hall where the people gathered to have a good time and eat them and take them away. Then Beowulf came and saved the day, and then he became a king, and eventually died.

The imagery that we get in the novel of Grendel is horrific. He is described as a monstrous creature that lurks in the shadows of the night. It is a fierce creature which feeds on human flesh. Grendel would wait for night to come, he would wait till everybody gathered in the mead-hall which was where people came to feast on food and indulge in alcoholic beverages and to basically enjoy their life in their Anglo-Saxton existence. Then, when everyone was sleeping, Grendel would creep through the shadows. He would savagely feast on humans and kill thirty at a time.

“One night, after a beer party, the Danes settled in the hall for sleep; they knew no sorrows. The evil creature, grim and hungry, grabbed thirty warriors and went home laughing.” � In this passage of Beowulf we can see the imagery of a satanic creature describes as grim and hungry as it takes thirty warriors home to eat, showing no remorse, even laughing on his way home.” Then Grendel went, the enemy of mankind, deprived of joy, seeking his death place.” � Here we see Grendel being characterized as the “enemy of mankind”, in this Anglo-Saxton epic we definitely see how Grendel is the very evil villain, and of course, Beowulf is the epic hero.

After reading the novel, one has to wonder, what is Grendel’s point of view on this. What drives him to do what he does? We can make plenty of guesses and speculations. Does Grendel even have a little bit of goodness to him? In the story, we learn that he does live with his mother. He might just have to eat people just so that he can survive and not die from starvation. I, personally, think that the world has wronged Grendel in some way and he is just out for revenge. He could just be a social outcast, based on his appearance, and have nowhere to fit into society. He just is mad at the world and gets back at it by terrorizing the people and raising hell.

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Either way we look at it, Grendel did kill many people. He is described as the most evil creature to walk the earth. Nonetheless, in the end, Grendel does meet his final battle which is with Beowulf. Beowulf, being the epic hero, saves the day and restores piece and Herot is peaceful once again. Beowulf also takes down Grendel’s mother. Beowulf then becomes the king and lives happily ever after, until he dies at old age when he is burned by a viscous dragon. THE END

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