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Building foundations.

The heat from the hot chocolates were seeping through the thin paper cups. They slowly began to warm Tullys hands, it felt good.

Tully paid for the drinks, prices were so expensive up here, she could get them for half the price back home. She left the counter and carefully carried the drinks to the table her friend had waiting. The look of gratitude on her friends face was obvious. Although there must have been ten radiators in the caf�, her friend still looked half frozen.

Tully flashed her friend a big smile and passed her one of the drinks.

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Thanks Tulls, I needed a hot drink, my hands are numb, said her friend.

Yea you look it too Liv, you really never could handle the cold, Tully said teasingly.

Well, were not all naturals like you, its like you belong here, you always look beautiful and glowing whenever youre up here.

Tully laughed, Is that why I’m still single?, no Liv, you know I wasnt

always as good as I am now.

Olivia grinned as she remembered her first encounter with Tully.

Tully sat and stared out the window thinking about the day they had met.

Really, for Tully it had been the most memorable day of her life.

The day was fine there wasnt a cloud in the sky. Tully was excited, she

was really eager to get up there.

Although Tully was travelling alone, the trip up was great, the people on the bus were really friendly and time seemed to fly by. Tully could tell this was going to be a great day.

Tully paid for her pass and went to hire her gear. The queue was small and she reached the front quickly. Once she had everything she needed Tully was out of the building and into the line for the quad.

The lift ride was smooth and pleasant until it was time to get off, Tully turned onto her side and held the chair firmly. She took a deep breath, carefully let go and slid down the small hill.

Nice, Tully said. She sat on the side of the hill and took a look at her board, being bright pink and lime green it matched her bubbly personality perfectly.

Soon she had her bindings tight and was up and boarding leisurely down the MI trail. She was balancing perfectly, even her inward turns were working well.

Tully snowboarded until lunch time. She was feeling immensely proud, as she had only fallen over three times and those three times were only because of the same bad-mannered telemarker who thought he owned the mountain.

Tully ate lunch by herself. She enjoyed sitting on the deck of the caf� staring out at the beautiful mountains covered in fresh powdery snow.

The next few runs were enjoyable and Tully began to really loosen up. On her next run she struck up the courage and tried to do a jump off a lip on the hill. She landed it perfectly. Tully smiled, she looked behind her and saw she had gone to far after the jump, the only way down was to board off trail on the lumpy, powdery snow. Tully froze. No matter how confident she was she never had the guts to try off trail. Tully sighed, bent over and undid her both her bindings.

Tully struggled walking back up the steep slope, it was hard in big boots and carrying a heavy board. When she reached the trail she felt a wave of disappointment come over her. She was frustrated with the fact that she had the chance to overcome her fear and go off trail, but she had chickened out.

When Tully reached the bottom of the mountain she pulled off her gloves and looked at her watch, it was only 4.0, good she still had time for another two runs if she was quick. She decided she would go up the double onto paradise and cross over onto the shirt front. That was her favourite trail- the third hardest on the mountain.

Tully got off the chair lift and drifted over to the loading area where she sat down and adjusted her bindings. Tully loved this trail because it was for snowboarders only, there was no chance that a telemarker would get in her way and cause her to fall over. Tully grinned to herself, she was beginning to lay the blame on the telemarkers for everything that went wrong. The one thing that annoyed Tully most was the fact that the telemarkers didn’t stop and help you or even have the decency to apologize if you were knocked over by them.

Tully pushed her self up onto her feet and cruzed down the slope. She was enjoying boarding slow and looking about her at the amusing snowboarders showing off their skills on the jumps.

Suddenly, before she knew it she found herself flat on her face in the snow.

oh yuck!, she muffled into the snow.

She lifted her head and looked around at the place where she had caught the edge. There was a big, black rock half covered in snow there.

Oh my god, how could I have not seen that, she laughed.

Tully lay in the snow for a further ten minutes before she pushed herself up onto her board and carefully balanced herself. She pulled her beanie down tighter over her ears and begun to alter her bindings. The wind was starting to get very getting chilly.

Suddenly from behind, Tully heard a chorus of angry shouts and abusive

comments, she hastily turned around to see what all the fuss was about. She was surprised to see that almost everyone up hill was either, on their bottom or face down in the snow, fuming. Tully turned again to look at what everyone was staring fiercely at. She was stunned to see a telemarker racing down the mountain at a horrendous speed clearly out of control, yelling for everyone to get out of his way. Tully saw the look of complete horror on the telemarkers face as he sped towards a young blonde snowboarder standing near to the edge of a steep drop.

It was like in a movie, one minute the snowboarder was there and the next, she was not. Tully glanced around anxiously looking for the girl, she was no where to be found. Tully eyes widened in horror, the only other place the girl could have went was over the edge of the steep drop.

Tully frantically attached her boot to her bindings as fast as it was humanly possible and sped over to the place on the trail where the girl was last seen, she jumped onto her stomach and peered over the side of the steep drop. Far down below she spotted the young girl lying awkwardly in the snow.

“Someone help her, Tully screamed at the other people surrounding her.

Tullys cry for help was met by many lame excuses.

No, its too dangerous

Lets wait for the mountain patrols

Count me out

Oh my god, yelled Tully, Ill go, as it seems Im the only one who cares about saving this girls life.

Tully jumped up onto her feet and slowly descended down the hill, a look of absolute determination on her face. Taking it slowly she boarded from side to side in small arcs. Tully wasnt used to such lumpy, rocky snow and before she knew it she was tumbling gawkily down the steep slope. Tully was knocked unconscious. After a few minutes she came around and glanced about her. She found herself lying only three or four meters away from the girl. She started to bend over and undo her board.

ahhhh, she screamed painfully. There was a sharp throbbing pain in her

left side. She gritted her teeth, rolled herself onto her stomach and

despite the horrific pain she dug her hands deep into the snow and pulled herself over to the girl.

It took Tully at least two minutes to get the girl to open her eyes. She just knew she had to keep the girl awake. Tully talked to the girl about everything and anything. She soon found out the girl was from Switzerland, her name was Olivia Latonia and that she was currently on a backpacking holiday in New Zealand. Tully could see the pain in Olivia’s face that she was trying to hide. Tully could tell Olivia was a tough, strong willed girl.

By the time the rescue team and the helicopters arrived and had taken the pair to the hospital the sky had started to grow dark. The girls were exhausted. All they both wanted was some pain killers and a comfy bed to sleep in. The girls soon said their goodbyes and were escorted away to different wards.

The next time Tully woke it had been three days since the accident. She had been diagnosed with three broken ribs a fractured knee cap and dehydration. The media had soon heard of the amazing rescue. Tully was a local hero. Everyone wanted to know how she did it. Tully had just smiled and said, “Because I could”.

During the next few days she had many visitors, but the one visitor who Tully enjoyed talking with most was Olivia. She had came to see her in a hospital wheelchair carrying the biggest, prettiest bunch of flowers Tully had ever seen. For almost twenty minutes Olivia did nothing but thank Tully for her saving her life. After that first visit Tully saw Olivia everyday they were in the hospital together, they often talked for hours about everything that came into their heads. Tully found Olivia a very easy person to talk to.

Two days before the girls were both due to leave the hospital, Olivia invited Tully to come back home with her to Switzerland and stay with her for the Christmas holidays. Tully gladly said yes.

Tully scratched her head and turned back to face Olivia. She smiled at her friend, thinking she was the luckiest girl alive to have a best friend as loyal, fun and trustworthy as Olivia.

“Come on Liv”, Tully said. “Lets get our boards”.

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