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Cocaine is a widely abused drug. As you will see later on, cocaine causes digestive disorders, over stimulates the spinal cord, and has a highly toxic affect on the nervous system. The big problem with cocaine is it stimulates the cortex of the brain producing an intense desire to repeat the process. Unfortunately the use of cocaine will destroy your life and most likely lead to death.

How is Cocaine(or Coca)used?

Cocaine is used medically as a local anesthetic. It is also widely abused as a drug. The drug was first isolated in 1855 and came to be used widely as a local anesthetic in minor surgery. At present, local anesthetics with less abuse potential, such as lidocaine, are commonly used instead. The potent drug cocaine was first prescribed as an anesthetic and a painkiller by doctors who believed that it was a safe substitute for morphine.

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The dried leaves from the coca plant which contain cocaine and several other derivatives, are mixed with unslaked lime or wood ash and were chewed by Native Americans of the Inca Empire .Cocaine is usually inhaled through a thin tube inserted into the nostril. More rarely, cocaine is injected into a vein. The drug may also be smoked in a purified form through a water pipe (“freebasing”) or in a concentrated form (“crack”) shaped into pellets and placed in special smoking gear. The fine white powder is also called snow. Coke, or toot can be tasted, but usually it is sniffed. It is readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal mucous membranes, but it acts as an irritant to constrict blood vessels and sometimes causes ulcerations in the nasal cavity.

What does Cocaine (or Coca) look like?

Cocaine hydrochloride, a water-soluble salt, is a dry white powder The drug is a white, crystalline compound that has been processed from the leaves of the coca plant (known on the street as “snow”) The coca plant is about 1 to m high, with straight branches and leaves that resemble tea leaves.

What affects does Cocaine have on people?

People who use cocaine experience euphoria, exhilaration, and a decreased appetite. The drug also increases heart rate, elevates blood pressure, and dilates the pupils. Chronic use can lead to skin abscesses, perforation of the septum of the nose, weight loss, and damage to the nervous system. Negative mental effects include extreme restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and, occasionally, paranoid psychosis. Death from even a small dose can occur, and is usually caused by seizures or heart attacks. Users are attracted at first when small amounts of cocaine decrease their fatigue and increase their mental awareness. When taken in larger amounts, cocaine may also produce digestive disorders, weight loss, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, and hallucinations or paranoia. Cocaine abuse over stimulates the spinal cord, and convulsions may result, leading to respiratory failure and death. Cocaine stimulates the cortex of the brain, producing intense euphoria and the desire to repeat the experience; however, the drug has a highly toxic effect upon the central nervous system.

Where does Cocaine come from?

Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant which is cultivated in Sri Lanka, India, and Java, as well as in South America. The coca plant is also found in Peru and Bolivia.

Other facts about Cocaine?

Procaine hydrochloride, as it is properly called, was first synthesized in 105. It quickly replaced cocaine, because it is easier to synthesize and sterilize, has a shorter duration of action, is non-addictive, and is four to six times less toxic. Its chemical formula is C17H1NO4, and it is classified as an alkaloid compound. (other well-known alkaloids are morphine, strychnine, and nicotine). For centuries South American Indians have chewed the coca leaves for pleasure and to help them withstand strenuous working conditions, hunger, and thirst. The cocaine in the leaves produces local anesthesia of the mouth and stomach.


Cocaine is a deadly drug that people use to get a rush. A lot of people use it to fill a hole in their life but they never consider the consequences. Some of the consequences might be a lost job, a broken marriage, kids growing up with out a functioning parent, or even death. In short, widespread use of such a drug could have a devastating effect not only on an individual, but on the family, and society in general.

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