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English 1A


In the modern day where democracy and government has long been unrepresentative and corrupt, where the American has been labeled the bully of nations it’s hard to see the spirit our land was once founded on. I was on the bus reading the newspaper really feeling down about my country and there approach on the state of the world when I decided to start reading Walt Whitman’s introduction to “Leaves of Grass”. I have to admit that I wasn’t keen on reading American poetry, especially when it was written by the “Poet of Democracy”. Unfortunately I had too it was part of my reading for English class. When I opened the book I saw this picture of some pompous old man with a tilted hat, unbuttoned shirt and this smirk on his face that says, “I’m it”. I started reading and I was Surprised. He still was a bit arrogant he even said he sleeps with God. It was funny. A poet writing in a simple voice to the common man. I’d have to say it wasn’t the kind of Poetry I was used to.

He made me see beauty in the simple things like music, dance, people and the normal every day things that regular people do. It gave me a sense of confidence in the America I had long lost. The way Whitman looks at America is beautiful you can almost feel the sprit of our new land just waiting to spring forth.

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Witman was a people watcher and he saw things in people you might have never noticed. He talks of the common man, of the ordinary life In one part He talks of a butcher coming out from behind his work and doing a dance to the passing music, he goes on of his love for a prostitute, blades of grass. It’s so simple, but the way he does it is beautiful. It makes you smile.

Whitman also has a love for nature and he uses it to explain life. I read that Walt admired Lincoln, and that when Lincoln died he wrote, “When lilacs last in the doorway Bloomed”. I imagine when he saw lilacs it would be a memory of life not death. A boy asks Whitman “what is grass?” Whitman answers, “hopeful green stuff…woven… the handkerchief of the lord…a new washed babe. He goes on from lines 0 to16. What Whitman is doing here is taking grass and its natural properties the woven blanket held together dieing each summer just to spring up again. It is a metaphor for the renewal of life.

At a time when our government was young, when the declaration of independence was signed in your lifetime, it was probably easier to see the potential of breaking away from the old aristocracy. Abandoning the serf system and setting up a nation where every one has a say. Whitman talks of the power of the common man to chose his government. Whitman says “… the United States is not best or most in its executives or legislatures…but always in the common people”. Unfortunately I’m not sure that the common man is represented in the US. The common man seems to have lost control of his government. We seem to be the people enforcing a system we had once fought so hard to break away from. It was easier for Whitman to write so admirably of America, when there was still so much potential for democracy. In a day and age where every thing is controlled by the rich and especially our government, it’s hard to see the innocence under the filth.

Whitman helps remind me of the spirit that America was once found on. I hope that the American sprit that Whitman saw in his lifetime shows through. When I look out my window down at Gary street (San Francisco) I see the little Ashen lady gathering her cans, the liquor storeowner smoking his cigar, and the homeless guy doing his jig for a dollar. Instead of my usual disgusted outlook on the dirty street, I take the time to people watch. I can see that the common man and I can find a comfort in our world. I thank you Walt Witman for taking the time to notice the little things.

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