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There are many positives and negatives to egg/sperm donation. The age of egg/sperm donors brings up many controversial issues, as does the money involved in the process.

The positives on the age of the donors are as follows. The younger age of egg donators allows the women to recover more easily from the hormonal treatments that they must go through to donate. Also, the eggs from a younger woman will likely be more healthy and more likely to produce offspring than in an older woman above the age of thirty. Next, it is more common for people looking to artificially inceminate to choose an egg donor of a younger age. The offspring of a younger donor in his or her twenties will definitely be healthier than the offspring of an older donor in his or her thirties or forties.

There are also many negatives to being young and donating eggs or sperm. Many people at a young age are very irrational and do things for the wrong reasons. A man or woman in their twenties might not have the mental capacity to understand what they are doing at the time or may not have the emotional maturity to make such a major decision that will effect their life, and many other peoples lives. Immature people will most likely not think of the consequences of their actions, and regret that they have donated eggs or sperm to someone. Later on in life they will probably wonder what their offspring looks like, are they doing well, etc. Some of the donators will want to contact their offspring, and will not be able to because of legal binding issues or that they just will not be able to find them. The negatives far out way the positives in this case.

The positives of the money being received as a “gift” to the donors are as follows. If a donor is reluctant to “give the gift of life,” the money will probably persuade them to donate their eggs or sperm. The money can be given to the donor’s charity, or they can choose to keep the money for themselves. The cash would probably help the young person get through college by helping them pay for books, room, board, food. Maybe the donor just needs a little extra cash to get by. As long as the donor wants to help a less fortunate family with creating a life the money is just an added bonus for doing something good for someone. Money is a great incentive, but with the positives come many, many negatives.

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Many people might be doing this just for the money. That is the biggest problem with putting a price on donations. Many unclear thinking young donors are giving their eggs or sperm away just to receive a quick buck. They are not thinking about what they are doing and how it will effect many lives, including their own. They are thinking only of the money they will get as a “gift.” Putting a price on eggs has another very big negative aspect. It now will bring “Corporate America” into the process. Corporations will have stiff competition with others, and donating eggs will turn into more of a business than a way of helping less fortunate people gain access to creating life. Corporations will be fighting with law firms, everyone will start sewing everyone, and it will turn into a wholesale business. For example, ads will be put up in newspapers and magazines saying “Buy two cartons of eggs, get another free!” It will turn into a circus act, when the whole thing was for people to help others.

The egg/sperm donating procedure has many positives and negatives. There are far many more negatives than positives and there should be no money involved. There are people who donate eggs or sperm for the right reasons and there are also people that do it for all the wrong reasons. Any donor should have an extensive backround check on them before they donate. Only proven mature people and emotionally stable people should be allowed to donate. If you are going to donate, then do it to help someone, not to get some quick cash that you will probably blow on something stupid within the first week you get paid for doing it.

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